Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adventures in Cambridge..


Here's a glimpse into my Memorial Day weekend...

So as many of you know... I love organized clutter. 
.. and no one does it better than my friend and colleague Lesa.

Her taste and style are exceptional.
There is no other way of putting it.

On Sunday, my other colleague and friend Coleen, and I took a trip to Cambridge for brunch.
I fell in love.

Obviously.. I could not stop taking pictures.
When I enter environments as stimulating as this one, I can't hold back!
I think Lesa started getting weirded out about my obsessive picture taking when I starting snapping shots of her pantry and bathroom.

I couldn't help it!
And you'll see why...

I just want to live here... on her patio. 

Ladies who brunch!

Close up of the jewels..
Loving my Valentine's Day Nefertiti Necklace

From left to right: Free People, Chanel, Silpada

Another piece of wall art..
Stole my heart.

Dried orchids... so beautiful.

... and then I entered her bathroom... and that's when things got weird.
(this photo isn't what's weird.. it's the 19 other photos I took in her bathroom that made it weird)

How cool is that though... right over her claw foot cast iron tub.

Final model shot of the day.

.. and then of course I reenter the wonderful world of Cambridge for the actual holiday.
My dearest Noodle, Danny and I had an amazing time filled with southern comfort food, shopping and lots of sangria.

Karma? This is how the day started for me.

Noodle and Pally-poo

 Ooooof... felt you this morning.

Another close up of the jewels.... take that however you want.

We ended our day at BerryLine.

The End.