Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One of my favorite dialogues...

"Pooh" he whispered.

"Yes, Piglet?"

"Oh, nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw, "I was just making sure of you."

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Food, drinks and family

Escaping to my beautiful home town and Southie
for the holidays was just what I needed after such a crazy first week of work.
I got to see my family and friends and eat so much food!

Mom and I

Best Cousins

Watching football with the boys

My little munchkin!!!

The food was amazing.. and my drinks were pretty good too!

The perfect turkey

My mom's cake pops! 

And what I decided to contribute to the 
Thanks Giving Day feast was a festive fall cocktail!
The Kosta women with a severe sweet tooth didn't care for it
but everyone else (uncles, great aunts and cousins) 
who can appreciate a tasteful martini absolutely loved it!

The Apple Thyme Martini

This drink is light, not too sweet and gets you tipsy.
It was the perfect before dinner drink.

To get the recipe for this delish drink visit The Proper Drink
and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On a train home for the holiday..

Right now I am sitting on a train on my way back home
to celebrate Thanks Giving with my family.

I seriously couldn't be more excited.
I miss my family and my friends and my home town.

I just nice to be able to go home and have your biggest worry
be about how I'm getting to my best friend's house without a car.

Thanks Giving has always been a favorite of mine.
My family is hysterical and the food is always absolutely amazing.
This year I have decided that I am of the age where I should
be bringing something to the table... literally.

Since I don't have time to cook I shall bring some "spirit."

Yup! I will attempt to make Apple & Thyme Martinis!
(courtesy of The Proper Drink aka my roommate)

I will post the final product after the holiday.

Happy Thanks Giving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

It's my dad's birthday today and...
I love my dad.

Yup! Just me, mah Dad.. and mah wedge!
 Just lovin' Chuck at Water Country.
The Lazy River was our favorite.

He grounds me and makes all the "scary" in my life go away. 


What I call my dad: 
Konstantine, Chuck Noris, Jerry

What my dad calls me: 
My Favorite Daughter, Little Retard, Taryn Leigh Leigh

Things we like: 
Food, wine, going out to eat, wine, motorcycles, BMWs, mini golf, nature.

Things I got from my dad:
My face, my height, my sensitive soul

Favorite Memory #1: 
Summertime when I was little.  I would fall asleep on my dad's belly 
while he watched M*A*S*H and I would listen to the crickets outside through 
the open door in our den.

Favorite Memory #2: 
We were playing catch out in the front yard and I threw.. no chucked.. 
a grounder at him and it went awry, bounced up and hit him in the thigh and turned 
his whole entire leg black and blue.

Favorite Memory #3: 
My dad picked me up on the final day of my Freshman year of college
and my roommate had to sign him in down in the lobby because I was too busy puking 
up the alcohol from the night before and as soon as he saw my roommate he said... 
"She's puking isn't she."  He knows me too well?
After we packed the car up he took me to Wendy's for a greasy early dinner
and said "We won't tell your Mother.. she'll freak."

Favorite Memory #4: 
When he took me on my first (and only) real bike ride
with the boys through the countryside of CT (we're talking Harleys here people).
We stopped at an authentic bikey bar.. but I was too young to have a beer, 
and then stopped at an antique car show.

Favorite Memory #5:
I have a faint memory of going for a long walk when I was 
maybe in high school, with my dad after a huge snow storm.  
It was the calm after the snow fall.. no cars were out and the trees 
were all weighed down from the snow and created white cave-like tunnels.
The roads hadn't been touched.  It was awesome.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Where I've been for the past week....

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind!
I think I worked something like 80/85 hours? 
No lie.

But it has been amazing and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
And here's what I helped create at Bergdorf during my overnight shift.
It's basically a tornado of heaven, sprinkled with Christmas and wonder. 

Not only were the concept and materials beautiful
 but the people I got to work with were some of the most creative
 and kind people I've ever met.

I couldn't stop stepping back and looking at this monstrosity 
and just smiling.  It was the most amazing process.
And it all started with a metal frame.  That's it.

There were probably 20 of us working on it,
and then American Christmas was there decorating the 
rest of the first floor and it seemed like there were hundreds of us.
It reminded me of when the elves meet at Santa's sleigh 
in the Polar Express book.  It was so cool.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Home Decor Heaven

Adventures in NYC with my good friend Sarah Anne.
We went exploring in Union Square and really only made it through two places.
Fishs Eddy and ABC Carpet & Home. 


Friday, November 11, 2011

A pleasant surprise...

A little something from Boston found its way to the Big Apple.
A care package from lil k!

This seriously put such a huge smile on my face.
You are the ultimate gift giver my friend.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Karma is awesome..

I'm just realizing that literally a month ago..
to this exact date, my little world started cracking around me.
My relationship with my boy friend, who was also my best friend, ended
and I found myself still living in an unfamiliar city with a rent 
that's too high, people that are too busy for you and no job.
Even with all of this going on I feel like I kept it together pretty well.
In shitty times... like really shitty times.. I always manage to pull it together.
Anything else and I'm a basket case. 

But I do believe you get what you give.
Good things come to those with patience and those who stay positive.
Forgive me for going all "The Secret" on your ass but today proved my theory true.
I landed my dream job today and I couldn't feel more..... exhausted. 
And f*cking amazing! Woo!

I'm going to bed.

Taking on another blog and a full time job just might kill me. 

The Taming of the Scrooge

Bergdorf Goodman

I always thought Bergdorf Goodman was magical, however I figured once
I worked there the magic would slowly fade away.. but I was so wrong.

Today was great.  I met the most wonderful and kind people.
Magical is really the only way to describe my experience.  I mean they conjured up a miracle today.
I fell in love with Christmas all over again. 
 Not only that, but I fell in love with Christmas trim again.
Now, if you're in my line of work you know that this is truly a Christmas miracle.

When I walked into their Christmas shop I felt like a little girl.
My stomach dropped and my eyes couldn't stop moving around the space.
There was a ferris wheel and and mechanical polar beer and Christmas music softly playing.
Everything was so sparkly.  I literally couldn't stop smiling.

The realization of the taming of my Scrooge hit me when I was hanging the trim in Home.
 I was fluffing the most beautiful garland with gold pinecones,
layering in these extremely fragile white berries by hand with the most
perfect French music playing in the background. 

It was seriously heaven. 

To make the day even more perfect I treated myself to a 
"you finally made it to Bergdorf" victory lunch in the BG restaurant.
I love dining by myself.. especially when I'm eating Ahi Tuna Tartare 
in the most beautiful environment, designed by Ms. Wearstler.

Just wanted to share. 
And I get to do it all over again tomorrow!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

This weekend was great. 
I went home to celebrate my mom's birthday.
We went for a morning walk around my town, which is always lovely!
As you can see above there was a new addition.
Maybe Edward Scissorhands really does dwell in my burb.
I think it's kind of cute.

It's so nice to get out of the city and breathe clean air.
We went out to dinner in down town Boston 
to Legal Seafood where we had a few too many martinis!
The food was amazing and we didn't stop laughing the whole time. 
Especially when the words "Sea-man Special" came out of my mouth 
instead of "Fisherman's Platter", which was obviously the real name of the dish.
Freudian Slip. 

It feels good to be back in New York.
I am absolutely exhausted.

But more importantly..... I did it.
I finally created my men's blog.

Drum roll please.......

Please press the follow button and support my 
menswear addiction.  I hope you like it!

Friday, November 4, 2011

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