Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little crab reaches 25 years

Today is a very special day.
It is my good friend, co-worker and fellow Cancerian,
 Coleen Broderick's birthday!

She is officially the big 2-5!
... and she is officially going to kill me when she reads this.


Everyone take a trip to The Well Versed Wardrobe
and wish her a great day!!

Today will be filled with lunch at the American Girl Doll store,
some live music and cocktails.
In that order.

Hopefully we'll stay a little classier than the last time
we ventured out together...

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Men's watches make me go mmmmm!

So.. for a fashion girl 
I really love myself some old man swag .
(No pun intended)
.. from men's sweaters to cars...
If it looks like an old man would have it, then I want it!

So for this week's Hump Day Man Post 
I wanted to focus on all of the images 
of men's watches that I've collected over the past couple months.

(These are hard to see.. but they really complete these looks...
and they are just really well designed.)

Fun fact about me...
I don't own a watch.

Since about 8 years ago.. before the
whole "men's wear watch craze" started..
I've wanted a men's watch.  

The story goes like this...
I was working for a
company, that shall remain nameless,
and I was ringing a woman out.
On her wristwas this bulky looking watch..
it was such a contrast to her small wrists..
and just made her look that much more cute and feminine. 

I asked her where she got it and she 
said that it was her late husband's.. and she wears
it everyday to remind her of him.

I thought that was sweet.

So for 8 years I've waiting to find "my watch"
and wanted it to be a men's watch.
(Not attached to a dead guy necessarily)
So here are a few that I've found.


***I really love this one...***
It's a men's wear look without being overpowering.

I love Omega.
So classic.. especially this one with the silver and gold face
and dark brown leather strap... sigh.

So clean and simple... which looks great
against his tattooed arm.
I love the irony.

And this is what wet dreams are made of.

Men's Rolex.

So ya know... Michael.... If you're reading this..
My favorite is the gold face watch with the cognac croc band.
(second image from the top)
...and my birthday is coming up.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just love this photograph.

He's just kind of effortlessly cool.
... and masculine.
(I know I sound so lame.. but I'm being honest)
He's just a... dude.

I love photographing people that just are who they are.
.. meaning there's no artificial coating to 
what they are offering for the photograph.

I, myself, am not good at that.
I have a hard time looking candid or natural in photos.
But this guy?
He's a take it or leave it kind of guy.

What you see is what you get.
.. and I don't hate it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A taste of the rainbow..

If I had to summarize this past weekend in one photo
it would be this one..

A blurred whirl of glitz.. glam.. and a whole lot of color!

Yep! It was a bachelorette party

...which was filled with drag queens, penis straws
and unnatural hair color.

All in all... a freakin' rad time!

We were instant celebrities when we took our first
step onto P-Town soil.. complete with people
taking pictures of us holding their babies..
People taking video.. 
People cheering.

I think my favorite comment of the night was,
"They even look like ladies".
Thank you.. I'm really happy that you think I 
can hide a bulge with such taste!

We enjoyed an amazing show with Miss Richfield..
She was a doll!
So funny! I hiiiiiighly recommend seeing her!

The night was pretty flawless...

A drag show, two bars and an underwear party later we
gobbled down some burgers late night and hopped
on the bus...

And 3......



Night night!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Beer Braised BBQ Pulled Chick-own!

This recipe for my Beer Braised BBQ Chicken 
is.. if I may say so myself.. AMAZING!

Everyone who attended my birthday party last year 
can attest!... Everyone who got to
try it at least! (two pan-fulls of pulled chicken GONE
faster than you can say "Happy Birthday Princess")

So I figured... to kick off the season of The BBQ
I would share my BBQ secrets!
If you like spicy and if you like a kick in your chick
you'll love this!

Beer Braised BBQ Pulled Chicken

You will need:
3 lbs of chicken 
24 oz of BBQ sauce (I highly recommend Trader Joe's BBQ Sauce... it has a great kick to it)
3 bottles of Guinness
1 yellow onion
salt & pepper
olive oil (with a little garlic... there's always room for garlic)

First set your oven to a low broil.

Rinse the chicken and then brown it in a frying pan
with some salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic.

Then place the chicken in a 9X13 (or larger) pan.

Next you cut up the yellow onion and saute it with some
pepper and olive oil.

Add the onions, 1.5 bottles (24 oz) of BBQ sauce
and 3 (if you can't fit 3 then do as much as possible)
cans of Guinness to the pan.

Then set in the oven (CAREFULLY now.. don't spill)
for a little over 2 hours.

Then you take the pan out and set it down.
Remove the chicken from the sauce and set it into tupperware.
Then start pulling the chicken apart.

After all of the chicken is pulled, pour as much
of the left over sauce mixture as you want onto the chicken.

Place on a bun.. add some cheese...
Then nom nom. 

Mine came out reeeeeally spicy. But I added a lot of pepper.. mmm. 
I'm more excited to try it tomorrow... after it's been sitting overnight!
Let me know if you try it out!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Emma Stone shoot and I'm a hypocrite.

Hey dolls..
I'm in a weird Debbie Downer mood today.
Maybe because of the rain..

Anyways over the weekend I discovered
that I am the biggest hypocrite.


So, I was reading my newly purchased book 
The Sartorialist on the ferry ride home from Nantucket,
and I read something Mr. Schuman had said that really got me thinking.
He said that he never says what designers
his "models" are wearing.. because it really doesn't matter.
What matters (or what originally caught his eye) 
was their self expression through their clothing.

I know this sounds obvious.
And this is something I've even said before 
and that I whole heartedly believe!
(Don't get me wrong I truly appreciate and love high end fashion)
But the label... isn't what makes my heart beat faster.
It's the personality... the color story.. the different textures
that turn me on. Not the label.
(I mean sometimes the label gets me going even more, but you know what I mean)

When I read through fashion blogs or street style sections of magazines.. 
I get really annoyed when 
the person is decked out in only designer..
And then the whole editorial just applauds them 
for their style brilliance.

I sit there and think 
"Ya Olivia Palermo... I could look that great too
 if I had billionaire parents and 
boat loads of cash at my fingertips!"

Woof! I get myself really worked up.

Ok, ok , OK! ... I'm getting the point of my rant riiiiiight

So obviously.. I know.
I do what I hate most in my own blog!
.. and I am writing this post to say... 
I am going to stop.

Originally my style section (The Paperdoll) 
was suppose to show my personality through fashion 
and the scenarios that I create in my head through each outfit.

Then I started writing who or what each piece was so
that people could see that I mix designer names with 
"normy names" and if you wanted the same look you 
would know where to go to get it!
But the more I read through it the more annoyed 
with myself I become.  I've gotten so far away
from my original inspiration and purpose for this blog.

SO from now on... yes. I will still discuss designers that I like..
YES, if I buy a new piece that I am excited about I might say 
who makes it or where I got it.. but as for my styling 
section... there will be no more boasting about 
the designers or non designers that I am wearing.

If you guys ever have a question about anything I am photographed in 
PLEASE ask away! I just don't want to be that annoying
person who thinks you automatically care about the tag stitched
behind my neck.

That is all my friends!

Hopefully what I just wrote makes sense.
.. and changes will be made to The Paperdoll... and the entire blog.. very soon!

OK... can we talk about the Emma Stone photo shoot 
for Elle Magazine? 


One day guys.... one day.
I'll be the mind behind these beautiful shots.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Men's Fashion Week 2011: Milan

 ***Hump Day is for the boys!***
(Every Wednesday I will be focusing on boyfan friendly topics! So get excited!)

As many of my boyfans probably
don't know.....
It was Men's Fashion Week 2011 in Milan!!!

So.. while perusing through I was 
either really impressed and drooling,
or asking myself why these designers still have jobs.

But for the most part the menswear 2012 collections 
were inspiring and fresh.

Now boyfans, you must remember, runway is runway.
It is an exaggerated interpretation of a certain look
and feel that the designer was inspired by.
I know it is hard for you guys to understand that.

So calm down you manly men out there who
are probably going to keep saying,
"Honestly! Who the hell would wear that!"
Just take it in and look at these ensembles as an art form.

I organized the photos by pieces (jackets, pants, etc.)
So here are my fav's! 

Baller Suits 




Band of Outsiders & Etro

Etro &  Z Zegna


Dsquared & Gucci





Looks I loved


Band of Outsiders & Etro

Z Zegna & Dsquared








Why I love runway

Etro & D&G

Alexander McQueen


My favorite, favorite, FAVORITE was Dsquared. 
The entire collection... done! 
Drool was everywhere! 
Clean up on aisle 3.

Etro went all Etro on us (as they should)...
and so did Dolce? That was a little strange. 

D&G's fabrics and patterns were very heavily Etro influenced.
But the light, worn-in denim tied in the classic D&G look.

And the Gucci models looked like they were coming 
down from two week cocaine binge. 
But it made the tight pants look GREAT!

Hope you boys (and girls) enjoyed!