Sunday, January 26, 2014

S U N D A Y S : Sea Salt Spray

As soon as I turned 28 shit went down.
All of a sudden my skin looks like a preteen's
(I had better skin between the ages 12-17 than I do now)
and I have eczema patches.. it's the worst. 

I don't want to use any harsh treatments on my 
skin so I searched for a homeopathic solution. 
I came across the Wellness Mama blog and 
grabbed this great recipe for homemade sea salt spray.  

I noticed that when I was vacationing in Hawaii my 
skin issues vanished and my complexion was clear.
It could have been a number of factors like the elimination
of stress, the humidity in the air, diet.. however there are 
studies that show how salt and salt water have some pretty 
decent benefits for the skin.  It can reduce wrinkles, 
helps tighten the skin and clears up acne.  
It can also be used for therapeutic purposes which is
known as Thalassotherapy.  

On this snowy and lazy Sunday I made some 
sea salt spray of my own.  Below is the recipe.. 
The pink Himalayan salt is so pretty.
For the essential oils I'm trying Tea Tree oil since I like
the smell, it has a lot of healing qualities and is 
great for the skin.  You just have to be careful because
it could dry you out.  I added pieces of Lavender to make
it pretty.. because that's what's important here. 
I'm going to use it for the next couple of weeks 
and see how it goes! 

I think what the real issue is, is New York City.
Thank God I'll be in LA next week!


Friday, January 24, 2014


f l o w e r c r o w n f r i d a y | f l a s h b a c k f r i d a y

s t o c k h o l m | n e w y o r k c i t y

Remember that time.. 
when it was summer and I was on a boat on the Hudson..

I do.

Let's go back to that day when it was 108 degrees out
and I had decorated a boat for a Midsummer dinner party.
Everyone got drunk off champagne and sang and danced 
and ate traditional Swedish food off beautiful plates!

I took lots of pictures that I couldn't show until now.. and!
 I can show them now because the SS14 Midsummer STONYC
collection is finally in stores!  Yes.  Midsummer in January.
That's how the fashion world works.

Today was pretty cool too because I received my 
Gant Rugger Midsummer Flower Crown serving tray!
I am super stoked.  I love my job.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


To when I did fashion posts and wore muscle tanks from Diesel.
All of a sudden these gifs appeared as photo options.

a/ where the hell did they come from?
b/ these photos aren't even on my computer anymore.
c/ i want to make more.


a r t i s t LOVE: Satoshi Kawamoto

Check out my recap of last night's "Green or Die" exhibit on


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

some i n s p i r a t i o n . . .

Feeling super inspired by the talented floral designer and 
chalk artist Satoshi Kawamoto.  I recently had the honor and pleasure
of meeting with him and today, on this snowy January day, I get to attend
his opening reception.  The Green or Die exhibit will be at the
Nepenthes New York Gallery at 307 W38th St.  The gallery will also be
hosting Satoshi's Green Fingers shop as one of their rotating pop-up shops.
I am so excited to see his installations in the flesh.  His main NY
Green Fingers shop is located in the East Village.
It's on my monthly bucket list to check it out!

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