Saturday, April 30, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Every girl has a few "good luck charms" and they are usually in accessory form.  I have quite a few.  All sentimental and all from family members.  I wear them like a gypsy and like to think they are shielding me from harm's way.  I'm not superstitious... but I am stitious... Office quote anyone?? No? Ok fine.

Anyways.. growing up I came from a normal small town family.. we weren't dripping in designer clothes or diamonds... I mean we weren't friggin poppers either but you know what I'm saying!  Anyways.. When I grew up, a little, and went to college, I was thrown into a materialistic world of designer clothes and expensive jewelry that I had only seen in magazines.  I mean girls were wearing vintage designer pieces that were passed down from their mothers and grandmothers and I was like.. "What the frig?  How come my Yia Yia didn't have Chanel??  Oh ya... because she came over on a boat from Greece with her husband, a child and the clothes on her back".  Not to mention, my Grandma (my mom's mom) poured all of her hard earned money into the corner store that her and my Grandfather owned, not into clothing. TMI.. TMI.

But anyways.. I would look at these "heirlooms" that these girls had and thought... I should start my own "heirloom" line... and that's when I started talking to my Grandmothers about their most prized possessions and listened to the stories behind them.  They weren't designer pieces, but I quickly learned that they were way better!  They were one of a kind with a story behind them!  And I decided that I would be the first in the family to receive these newly named "heirlooms" and hand them down to my daughter or grand daughter one day... and here they are...

These are all of my trinkets that I layer on almost everyday.

These three are worn together.  The blue topaz ring was my graduation gift from my parents when I graduated from Syracuse University.  The diamond ring was my Yia Yia's engagement ring that she left to me and the last ring with the three little nubs was a gift from one of my best friends from college.  A friendship ring... and it has a little bit of red which is the best part! 

This isn't really a sentimental piece.. it is more just a piece I like to wear when I want a bit of an edge, and it sits on my thumb! 

This is a friendship ring with my mother.  I bought a ring for myself and a ring for her for Mother's Day one year, and we both wear it every day.

 This ring is my most prized possession.  The story is kind of funny how I ended up with it.
First and foremost it was my Yia Yia's.. and as the story goes (it could be made up but it sounds lovely) my Papou bought the stone (smokey topaz) in Greece, and when my Grandmother came over to the states she had the stone set.  Now how I got it is the funny part.  Apparently my Yia Yia gave the ring to my mother when my parents were young and they were attending a costume party..... and they were gypsies (obviously).  I stumbled upon it when I was about 5 or so when I would go on adventures through my mom's dresser drawers.  After I discovered it, every now and then I would take it out and just stare at it... and then finally when I got older my mother gave it to me (she never knew why I loved it so much because she thought it was sooo gaudy).  Every time my Yia Yia would see me wearing it she would get so excited.  I wear it all the time and women always ask me who makes it.. and I tell them it's a vintage piece from Greece.  Sorry!

 This is my ultra good luck charm.. the lapiz lazuli cross was my fathers from Greece (if you read horoscope books they usually tell you what stones you should keep next to your skin for good energy and that is my stone), the medallion and chain was my Yia Yia's (also from Greece) and the Mati is from my Aunt and Uncle for my 25th birthday.  It is suppose to ward off the evil eye and bad energy.

This is the necklace my father gave me for my 25th birthday before we spent the day in the Northend together.  Great day.  I love this piece because one the back side there is a hidden ruby (red to protect you) which is also my birth stone.  

These are things that when I'm without them.. I get little crazy.  You'll always see me with at least one of them on.  Feel free to comment and tell me about your good luck charms.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ladies and Gents, I bring you Sock Bracelet.

Meet, Sock Bracelet.

I know.  "Sock Bracelet" doesn't really make sense (especially when you're not wearing socks).. I just like referring to it as such. So deal with it. 

Again I love looking like a gypsy most of the time and I felt inspired when I bought this little coin purse necklace from Forever 21.  I know this sounds weird.. but about 3 years ago, I swear Phillip Lim had his girls in his look book wearing these tribal coin purse necklaces!  I was obseeeesssseeddddd and tried to get them in my store.  Completely failed, and never saw such a thing again.  Fast forward to a week ago (that makes sense, right?) and BAM, purse necklace.. in my face.  So I grab it.. tear it apart and wrap it around my ankle. Normal. 

Anyways.. I've been google searching all day to find that initial inspiration piece by Phillip Lim and for some reason it doesn't exist.  If any of you out there know what I'm talking about please comment!!  I feel like a crazy person.

Forever 21 Coin Purse Necklace

Sock Bracelet


Chanel Ankle Purse

I wanted one of these bad boys since that trunk show entered my store a few years ago.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Channeling Iris Apfel

 So my boyfriend is leaving me for the weekend which means I raid his closet? Yup!

Again.. I like dressing a little scandalous and then covering it all up with a menswear piece.. In this case it was my actual boyfriend's flannel.

Who was I yelling at? What a B.

I love a great top knot with a pair of outrageous earrings.. here I have my Free People ikat tassel earrings that I bought on a whim one day.. and I'm so glad I did.

And what makes me Iris? Well my layered jewels and my coke bottle Chanelos!
Of course!

She looks so much like my Yia Yia it's uncanny.

She is friggin radical. 

I hope to be an "Iris" one day.  I think I'm on the right path!  I already have the Interior design degree... and the fashion icon thing with come with time. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Artist Love: Mallory Sophronia

When I don't know what to wear but I'm feeling creative and a little bohemian, I pull this piece from my closet.  My close friend and muse Mallory Sophronia, of Sophronia Design, designed this silk top and I was lucky enough to scoop it up one summer!  As soon as I saw how it hung on a hanger I knew I had to throw it on... It just takes such an amazing shape on the body.
Check her out:

The draping is absolutely beautiful and the colors are stunning.
She uses vintage fabrics that she finds at vintage/antique stores and each piece is one of a kind.  

 It gives your booty a nice spotlight too!

Today I styled it back to my Elizabeth & James  silk cape jacket.
Equally as blousey and drapey but it totally works!

Batgirl? Probably.  Thank God I already have a boyfriend.

Amazing detail in the jacket. I can't decide if I look like Rambo or one of the Lost Boys from Hook.  Either way I'm into it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recycled Fashion

So last month I was digging through my drawers at my mom's house and I found my little crocheted cream gloves that I wore for Easter one year when I was a child.  Now I really did think about saving them... so maybe I could pass them down to my daughter one day, but then I realized that that would be hoping I would have a baby girl one day.. and, if you know me, all I want are little momma's boys.  A girl would just be wishing bad karma on myself.  I can see it now... this little bundle of faery wings and tulle demanding dolls and clothes and attention and then after I give it all to her (+ my heart and soul) she'll look at me and say "I feel like you don't love me mommy"... like I use to do to my poor mother.  Oof. I love you mom! And I'm sorry for torturing you!

Anyways! That's when I took a pair of scissors to them! 


I call this:
"The Bad Ass Southern Belle"

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Personal Ring Bearer

My friend Jasmine is pretty awesome and she bought be this little guy for me on a whim... and I love him and his services.  He's definitely at home in my room full of tchotchkes.

Little giraffe man.

Thanks Jasmine!  You're the best.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easy Like Easter Morning

Walked down to the beach with a cup of tea on this beautiful Easter morning... in my night gown, a big chunky sweater and flip flops.  First time digging my toesies in the sand this year!
Felt great.  I'm going to miss doing that.

Today was such a beautiful day.. filled with Easter treats, lamb, Gia's Swedish Meatballs,
red eggs and beer (the beer was a new addition this year).

Grandma's Red Eggs!

Janice's Eggs

 My gift from the Easter Bunny
(There's nothin like gambling on the Lord's day)

Easter Beer

Gia and her amazing meatballs

Mom and Annabel

Little Miss Sophia

Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bring Your Blog To Work Day

Playing in the windows with mens fashion!

Life is so hard. 

My pull so far is great.  For the first look I have a Haspel multicolor madras print blazer and a cotton Brioni pocket square matched back to a Theory woven shirt with a faint retro pattern.  For bottoms the boy has on a light taupe Zanella pant with a 2" cuff and khaki Convse slip-ons.  The tie is a skinny cotton khaki tie with a Miansai tie clip with grey and black enamel.

Can I just say... the sexiest piece for a man to own (along with his skinny tie) is a tie clip.
Get into it.

The second look is a deep khaki Chino Lino blazer in a linen cotton blend paired back to a light weight Gant poplin shirt in a red and navy plaid, with a linen pocket square with an indigo trim detail.  For bottoms I went with the navy Theory short and to finish the look my man will be wearing two-toned brown wingtips by Wolverine.

Again.. life is so hard.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Egg Is Going To Crush Your Egg

Red Eggs for an Orthodox Easter

As some of you may know I am Mediterranean as a whooo-haaa (Greek and Albanian) so therefore I am Orthodox!  Growing up my bro-ski and I got to celebrate Easter twice (so we didn't feel left out of the "normy" Easter).  This meant twice the number of baskets, candy and Easter toys... and yes.  Twice a year my brother got to try and own me in our Easter Egg hunt around the house.. and yes. Twice he would get yelled at by my mother tell him to "Let yah sistah win! C'moon Mahc"!
Oh how fun.

But! It was only once a year that we got to join in the festivities of each getting our own red egg (red symbolizing the blood of Christ) and having egg wars (appropriate)! Each cousin and I would get a red egg and we would go around and pair up two by two and with one swift tap we would try and crack each other's egg.  Inevitably some asshole would have the one red wooden egg and spoil all of the fun... and one year it was me.  I felt so guilty about it and told everyone half way through the tournament.

So this year.. for the first time ever! I am going to attempt to dye my very own authentic red eggs! And do it as the Greeks once did!  With onion skins and vinegar (everyone, incluuuding my Grandmothers, used a store bought dye).  I already called my Grandmother to tell her the news and she quickly popped my bubble and told me "Eh uh! That nevah works! And I already made two dozen"! So there ya go.
I decided to go through with the idea anyways.

ingredients: 15 (Spanish) yellow onions, 2 tbsp of vinegar, 5 cups of water and a dozen eggs

To make the dye you peal the skin off the onions and put it into the pot of boiling water and vinegar.

Naked onions! Naked onions!

Boiling onions, vinegar and water.

Make sure to clean the eggs!  You want the dye to take evenly!

As you can seeeee, the dye is starting to show.

After 30 min of simmering you strain the onions...

... and your dye is ready to go!

Put your unboiled, clean, white eggs in an empty pot...

... and pour in the dye.

Slowly bring pot to a boil at medium heat.

.. and after 15-20 min they deepen into a terracotta color!

Lay the newly dressed babes out on a towel to dry.

 Then you polish the pups with olive oil!!


You are the MOST beautiful eggs I've ever seen! Yes you aaaare!!!

Seriously though... I was really skeptical of this recipe.. but clearly it works!

So I had a pretty successful day... I got a pedi, ate candy and dyed eggs!

 My Papou use to give these to us all the time :)
Warms my heart.

And! Look at mah toesies!! I call it "Easter Grass Green".  Get into it.