Monday, April 30, 2012

Those were the days

When I lived in Southie my friends and I would go to this hole in the wall
called Portobellos.. I just looked it up and apparently the real name is "Cafe Porto Bello".
Whatever... Lies.  Anyways, the food was the most amazing Italian food 
I've ever stuffed my face with.  It was a date night regular.  

I was looking through old photos and found these and it brought me back.
It was such a tiny place but it was so cute and quaint.  The food was soooo good that 
the lack of elbow room didn't even phase you.  My little Noodle took this photo.
That was a good day.  We got drunk in the day light and wandered around this random 
street fair that was going on right outside our doorsteps!  Thooose were the days.

Home is where the heart is.

I've been saying for a while now that I haven't found my "family" in New York yet.
I've been feeling unsettled and anxious.  The past 24 hours made me realize that it was my
actual family that I've been missing.  Sometimes life throws you curveballs to get you to
realize what's important.... and what's important is health, family and happiness.  
All I want is to be next to this guy and to be with my parents 
and that's where I'll be this weekend!  
I am the luckiest girl.

Sunday walk through Central Park

On Sunday the girls and I took a nice long walk through Central Park.
It was such a beautiful day.. some great exercise.. great photo ops.  
More importantly I was rocking my overalls!

If you remember back to my Fashion Mission post about two months ago
I did it!  Fashion Mission: Overalls complete!

After raiding my little cousins closet and discovering her overalls from 5th grade
 and buying some awesome flat forms at Joe Fresh my mission was complete.  
Overalls are so sweet.  Endless storage possibilities!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Of floral, food & fashion..

Pastels are great in any form!

row one: photos via the paper doll
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row four: photos via instagram. follow @the_life_of_a_paperdoll

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby steps to a green thumb.

all images via

My mother and I never grew a green thumb. 
We tend to look at plants and they die. 
But these air plants are baby steps to taking care of a high maintenance plant!
And they are perfect little gifts for Mother's Day!
... and I really want to use the pink sand in the globe idea ASAP.
I have the globes.. so this should be easy. Right?

Monday, April 23, 2012

One rainy night and a whiskey bar..

The other night was spent drinking with new friends
in the window of a small whiskey bar on the west side of town.
Just the two of us girls were "awwe"-ing over this sweet rainy night moment.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nice Melons

Growing up my mother tried her hardest to train me to 
wait for special occasions to wear newly purchased clothing. 
I had a tendency to purchase and wear within the same day. 
This is probably the first and only time that I've successfully "saved" an outfit.
 When I laid eyes on this dress back in December I wanted it more than anything. 
I knew it would be the perfect Easter ensemble! 

Who doesn't appreciate a melon covered muumuu?
JC definitely does!
So yesterday this little embroidered cotton striped dress
made it's debut in front of my most harsh critics.  
My family.

They loved it.  The day was beautiful! Sunny and in the 70's.
 Little cuz and I walked over to Carson's Beach to enjoy the weather after 
cracking some red eggs and stuffing ourselves with the best lamb ever!

Watermelon dress by Gant by Michael Bastian.
Melon shoes by J.Crew (best purchase ever).

Friday, April 13, 2012

Calling all Freelance Visual Stylists!

Hello dolls!  Your girl is at the point where she can finally start building a visual team..
Please contact me if you or anyone you know is a visual stylist in the New York area!
You can email me at  


Thursday, April 12, 2012

The fanciest of all the desks

She's in full bloom.

The Flower District

I have finally introduced fresh cut floral to my boys at work.

Every Thursday I head over to Chelsea to the Flower District.
I basically walk around like Dorothy through fields of poppies.  
It's awesome.
Above was my first ever wholesale floral purchase.
I'm in the big leagues now. 

Though it looks beautiful, the Flower District is extremely overwhelming.
Not to mention run by a bunch of huge mafioso guys who are like,
"Hey honey! What can I get ya?"

It's the weirdest thing.
Not a gay in sight.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who is behind Fancy Desk?

Image via

If you've been losing sleep over wondering who really is behind Fancy Desk..
well here is your answer: Theeese guys. The Terrible T's!

And yes we coordinated our outfits that day. 
Yellow pants don't just happen guys! 

Michael Bastian would be so proud.
And I love how this is appropriate for our corporate office.
No suits here.