Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Life of Mallory Sophronia

The second half of my trip was spent running around in Gypsy Cove.
All we did was wake up, make art, eat fresh food and repeat.  It was exactly
what my brain needed.  When I first arrived we went to Honolulu Night Market 
which was basically a little slice of Williamsburg in paradise.  So.. just perfect!
I miss my girls so much!! Soon the new Mallory Sophronia collection will be up 
and I will let you dolls know as soon as it is! I hope you liked the look book video!
It pretty much my summed up my experience on Oahu!  A hippie, gypsy dream.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Wedding

Jessica Ellen Henderson... you sure as hell know how to throw a party.
This wedding was flawless.  It was beautiful, elegant and more importantly FUN!
The bride and groom were so relaxed and composed the whole week.  They just
looked so in love and content.  It was the perfect celebration.

It started as soon as we got off the shuttle from the airport. We were instantly 
lei'd and given fresh juice.. JUST like in the movies!  I couldn't stop smiling.
I felt so honored just to be there.  Hendo gave all of her girls floral crowns
and we all pranced around on her day feeling like princesses.. she was the 
queen of course!! She takes on that role very well I must say.

The pictures are beautiful but the experience was even more breathtaking 
if you can imagine!  Again it just felt so nice to be with her on that day.
She married a great guy.. there wasn't a dry eye on that cliff.. 
and we aaall wore white like it was Puff Daddy's white party.