Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hump Day Man Post: A Bunch of NumbSKULLS

And there are no skulls on these guys... 
they're just sick Alexander McQueen boots.

All of this swag is insane.  
If I were a guy I would buy all of it.
Because I'm not a guy... 
I just have to find one to date that would wear it.

Anyone? Anyone out there? 
Call me!

images 1-3:
images 4-7:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Artist Love: Adriana Unarreal

Adri Accessories

A few weeks ago I got in touch with a long lost
friend of mine.  We exchanged "I miss you's" 
and caught each other up on our lives.. a few days passed
and I received an email from her with a link to her friend's look
 book with the most amazing jewelry I have seen in a while.

I love surprises like that.

I am so glad she shared her friend's talents with me.
These amazing accessories seriously made my stomach drop.
 I had to share the collection with you dolls!

Adriana Unarreal is the 
Founder and Creative Director of Adri Accessories.
She was born and raised in Venezuela where her and her 
sister had launched her first accessory line called VOE Accessories.
She studied jewelry design at Mass Art and since then she has been 
creating the most magnificent wearable art for women all 
over to enjoy!  Adriana's beautiful pieces have been seen in 
Free People, Stuff Magazine, Lucky,, 
Boston Magazine, and
Just to name a few!

 To learn about her story visit her website at

What I am showing you today is her Spring/Summer collection.
These pieces are sick.  There is no other way to describe it.
They encompass color blocking and tribal details with 
chains and studs that give each piece a rocker edge.  

I want all of them. 

Especially the Isa-Necklace in red. 

I would totally rock that.
I would pair it back to a black sheer floor length tent dress with
 flat sandals and some metal, stud, wrap bracelets and 
would add in a lara-bracelet for one lethal arm party.
Can you picture it?


You know what's amazing?
They are 50% off right now!


What I love about this collection is the quality.
The colors and materials are beautiful
and the collection is so versatile.  
They can be day, night, cocktail or evening.
Handmade wearable art is the ultimate investment.
Owning something like this is just so special.

If you are interested in any (or all) of these
pieces you can contact the artist herself!

Price range:
Necklaces: $385 - $420
Bracelets: $285
Earrings: $265

And if you dolls enjoyed these pieces, 
you will love her Fall/Winter collection!

How can you view the FW collection?
You can't seem to find it anywhere?
Check back in on Thursday!
The Life of a Paperdoll will be the first 
to reveal this collection! 

I am so freakin' excited!
You should be too!
See ya then!!

Oh! And in the meantime..
Like "Adri" on Facebook!!!