Friday, September 30, 2011

Not Your Mother's Potpourri

Last end of summer/fall I went on a holiday 
to visit friends in Kennebunk, ME.
If you have never been.. you must, in the fall, take a trip.
It is absolutely gorgeous!

My friends and I went on antique excursion 
and ended up at this beautiful farm! It was owned by a Syracuse Alum
who kept us there for well over an hour telling us stories from
his college days of when he broke into my sorority house 
and almost got kicked out of school.

So along with a great story we left with some 
beautiful dried flowers which have been adding the
most amazing pops of color to my room ever since!

I cut them up and put the pieces in these beautiful 
glass jars from Anthropologie and they look gorgeous!
I had one jar that has been empty since the summer 
and I finally found the perfect little cotton tails at one of 
the flower shops by my apartment.

So now my collection is complete...
Ya... I just got all Little Mermaid on your ass.
Sometimes that's who I feel like.. I just collect 
"junk" and hoard it on my walls and all over my room.  

That's what they should really call Anthropologie.
Hoarders 'R' Us. 
Where it's ok to keep buying tchotchkes
because they're pretty... and we're all in this together.

 When will it ever be real fall weather here!!
I just want that feeling.. when your stomach drops
in the best way and it just smells like fall. 
Will someone from home hand deliver it to me please?
Thank you.

I think I am going to head over to the Lower East Side
and NOT end up in Brooklyn like the last time I attempted
to go there... and hit up that sweet ass flea market.
This post just got me in the mood.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Broski!!!

The sweetest thing.

Happy Birthday to the best older brother!
Love you Marc!

My older brother.
Every night at dinner he would inevitably 
irritate me, quietly of course so my mother wouldn't hear,
which would result in a loud obnoxious outburst 
from me sounding something like this, 

Then my mom would of course scold me 
for screaming, and what would my loving brother do?
He would hide behind my mother as she was yelling
at me, point at me and say over and over and over again..

"you! you! you! you!"

Then of course I would have a mini temper
tantrum which would result in me knocking over
my milk, which would then make my brother
laugh hysterically and applaud. 

This was every night at the Antoniou household
 from the years of 1989-1998.

Besides that... he's a pretty kick ass older B!

happy 32nd birthday 


you! you! you! you! you! you!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My World

Welcome to my world!

My room reflects my 
personality just as much as my clothing does.

I like things that are pretty, 
I like things that are dark and 
my wardrobe is my art collection.

My closet is exposed and my jewelry is draped all over my walls.
I've always loved creating stimulating environments that 
make your eye move all around the room.
Which is why I went to school to study interior design.

Designing spaces is the same as 
painting a picture or styling a look.

It is all about balance, texture
and finding the perfect composition that
makes your heart race.

I still plan on doing some sort of three dimensional wall
installation on the empty side of my room.
It's the view from my bed so I think that it's a pretty important area.

Oh and my "bed spread" is a drug rug/tablecloth. 

Totally fine.

I am also attempting to develop a green thumb.
I purchased some plants that were "impossible to kill."
I've learned that nothing is impossible.  

Friday, September 23, 2011

Feeling inspired..

Sometimes... ok no, all of the time when I see people
doing things that I can do and I'm not doing it I tend 
to act like a middle school girl. I get crazy jealous, 
get mad at myself for not doing it first and then sad. 


And this girl's blog and life I just.... 

How cool is this?

Her page is even cooler... and so is her logo.
Ugh. So jealous.

The teen angst hurts so bad.

You know this means I'm going to most 
likely change my blog logo.

So I guess you could say I'm "inspired"
... or you could say I'm a petty bitch.

Either one would be true!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love in the District

I love you best friend.
I love you fur neck piece.

Ok.. so this past weekend I went to Washington DC for a 

So Friday was filled with wine, hugs, emo music and dresses!
Also, I left my phone at Erica's (best idea eveeerrrrr) 
so there were no embarrassing text messages to add to that 
list! (phew) ... I figure since Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
and my blog are all at my finger tips... the whole "drunk dial"
thing is just getting a little too risky! 

I'm just waiting for a morning where I wake up and look 
through my phone to see my inner most inappropriate 
thoughts, hopes and emotions are splattered all over twitter.

Ohhh emotions.

Anyways!! So the photo above is how the night started.
(hugs, best friend things, appropriate behavior) 
The photo below is how it ended.

So THIS is the point in the night,
and when I say the night I mean every night that
starts with killing a bottle of wine at 4:00pm,
when Taryn needs to let everyone know she has 
a middle finger.  Yes, apparently I find it so cool..
like a 13 year old boy.. that I can life just my center finger
without lifting any of my other ones! 
I'm just so talented! And classy.
Erica is so embarrassed.


So Saturday rolls around.. aka LIMO NIIIIIGHT!!!

The night starts like this.

RIP Tina

Now when your night starts with a blow up monkey
and a pinata named Tina you know it is going to be a good one.
So we named the monkey Stavros and he was our mascot for the night.
Now Tina! Tina was sacrificed in the name of fun before the night
began. And boy did that work!! Best night everrrr!

Now I am with a different group of best friends (Dobis and G).
The night starts out with a conversation that went something like this...

Dobis: I'm going to be a great mom some day... 
Me: Ya?
Dobis: Look at the way I'm taking care of this monkey (as she has Stavros propped up on her lap draped in Tina's innards... aka Mardi Gras beads)
Me: Do you want to start a blog?
Dobis: Because we're awesome and so much fun?
Me: Yes.
Dobis: And we can make everyone jealous of our fun?
Me: Yes.
Dobis: Gilo you in?
Gilo: (silence)

So the night went on... the limo took us all 
over the city to monuments and bars and it looked 
like this for a while....

So educational.

And then the night continued on to look like this.

And my favorite...

Limo Night was the BEST.
Tina was beaten to death.
Dobis coddled a monkey.
Gilo had a back-bend competition in a bar..
and I didn't pay for a single drink the whole night!
You know what that means???

I still got it.
That... and I let a dude in a Captain's hat grope my arm pit.
Doesn't matter! It's all in the name of fun.
And alcohol.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashion Interview #2

And there are more to come!!

The Look
 Blush moo-moo, teal thigh highs, bordeaux
snake skin stilettos and a bordeaux lip.

Yes... I thought it was extremely appropriate
to sport a moo moo and thigh high teal tights!
Oh fashion interviews! 
I love how anything goes.

Oh and if you were wondering...
Today, was a very good day.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A change in hair.

Most of you that know me know that
I am in desperate need of a hair cut,
and what better time to get one than when
I move to a new city! 

New city, new life, new hair!

I got my inspiration at the 
cinema with my girlfriends.. we saw 
Our Idiot Brother, I really liked it.
But what I liked more than the movie was
Elizabeth Banks' character as the
power house bitch sister's hair.

It was a little Alexa Chung. 
A blunt cut all around to the shoulder
with a light bang.

So I wanted to gather some images 
to show the stylist and I wanted to see some
hair trends in the fashion world so I searched
"Hair trends in France"
and I found THIS.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dynamic Duos of Fashion Week!

I couldn't help but notice all
of the boys and girls of NYFW that were 
"going to the same party".
(Just threw a little visual stylist terminology at ya'll!)

Bowler Hats 


Polka Dots

Color Blocking

David & Nikki aka The Milliners
No but seriously... they are milliners.

Burgundy Accents

Casual Stripes

Cat Woman with.... Robin?

Leather pants and a pop of color.

The dude in the middle just takes the cake!