Friday, July 29, 2011

Love, love, love on...


Today one of my closest friends of 17 years,
Stephanie Foley, will become
Stephanie Alyse O'Keefe.

Congratulations Sean and Steph!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hump Day Man Post: Suiting on a budget II

Michael's Look of the Century 

Ok here is the itemized list:
  1. suit H&M $89 (full price)
  2. shirt  Club Monaco $47 (sale)
  3. shoes Zara $59 (sale)
  4. belt Nordstrom $32 (sale)
  5. tie Neiman Marcus $38 (sale)
  6. cotton pocket square Club Monaco $19 (full price)
  7. tie clip Club Monaco $29 (full price)
Total Price Soup to Nuts:  $313.00

Not bad...
Especially when the outcome looks like this...

Even though the belt is nondescript..
It really completes the look.

 A perfect break in the pant.

 I threw this one in because of the truck.
And because of the tush.

 I like a little ankle to show when the boys are resting.

At this point he was half annoyed...
.. half getting into it.

So guys.. again.. I am here for you!
I am here for you even more if you throw me a couple
bucks and let me take you shopping!
Think about it. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What does a girl love more than diamonds?

True statement... for most.

Have you guys ever bought something,
or received a gift that was just too pretty to open or use?

Most mothers (mine included) do this.
Especially with something functional like candles.
"Noooo I don't want to light it! It's too pretty!"
The non-functional decor of the 80's ruined everyone.

I have always been one to like something even more
after I've used it.... experienced it.. and really made it my own.
However I did find one thing that is toootally functional but
just waaay too pretty to mess up!

Chanel lipstick.
Look how pretty..

Thanks to a great friend who knows me
a little too well, I have my very own!
And in one of my favorite shades for fall..
A nice True Blood red.

She got me a little friend to go with
the lipstick, which is this amazing metallic gold polish!

I just had to photograph it all.
Love. Love. Love.

*all photos were taken by yours truly 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Flour Bakery + Cafe.

For the 2?... years that I lived in South Boston,
my Noodle and I have wanted to venture out to
the South End to Flour Bakery + Cafe...
.. and we failed miserably.

Until now! 
When I live 40 minutes away.

The food was absolutely amazing.

We both got the Egg Sandwich on focaccia with arugula,
tomatoes, cheese and bacon... well I got the bacon.
So good.

And we also spoiled our muffin tops 
with none other than a blueberry muffin top!

... and Noodle got a little something to-go as well.

Aaaaand I'm going to leave you with an adorable dog
holding an umbrella.


The rest of the week will be fashion focused.
I promise.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The chicest of the shabby!

So I made a big purchase during
the trip that popped my Brimfield cherry this past Sunday! 
(It's something I'll remember forever)

I even haggled to get the price down!
Are you ready for it??


I will be using this sucker as my kitchen table!
It's the perfect size for a small apartment..
It's about a little over 4' x 2.5'
It will be a little taste of the country in the big city.

I love how worn the wood is.
A real shabby chic.

Ok, I get a little camera happy here.
Per usual.

The drawer is my favorite.
Aesthetic and functionality!

My mom is worried that I'm going to get splinters 
if I eat off of it.  Oh Lynda. 

I want to thank Lynda for assisting
me on this photo shoot!

Love you Mom!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Early morning ankle party

If you are an avid blog reader..
not just a blog reader but a fashion blog reader,
then you probably have seen the term "arm party"
being thrown around recently.

Now, not to brag, but my
friends and I have been rockin' arm parties
since circa 2004. 
And they're great! See.. here's proof!

Me and Dobies
A Friendship Arm Party

Lil k.
Upscale Arm Party.

My "Warding Off the Evil Eye Because Everyone Was Out to Get Me?"
... aka Crazy Pants Arm Party.

And one time.. Dobis and I had a full body party.
Actually.. that was all of the time junior year.

All very nice.. but  I think it's about time to throw
an ankle party.  Just sayin'.

I love anklets..
I think they're so pretty and boho looking.
And again.. I'm a gypsy.. so anywhere I can put
chains or beaded jewelry I'm down!

This morning I woke up real early and
had an ankle party photo shoot!

My anklet of my dreams is sitting
in my friend's jewelry box in New York.
(as we speak)
She doesn't know it but as soon as
we live together... I'm stealing them!
But they are beautiful.
They're silver and from India
and they jingle when you walk.
(fist under chin.. looking up... with a shit eating grin on my face)

They were bought off of a pregnant woman's feet.
Isn't that a nice story?
Love you G!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hump Day Man Post: Suiting on a budget

Boyfans, I know you think that I live in a fantasy world..
But I am well aware that most guys in their 20's can't afford
to actually shop the pieces that I post on this blog. 

I also know that most guys in their 20's 
can't afford, nor do they need, a really nice (I mean really nice) suit.

Since I date a boy who works in the trades 
I deal with this first hand.  He's not going to purchase 
clothing that he'll wear maaaybe three times a year that costs 
over $500.  He's just not.  I've come to grips with this reality.

So I had showed all of you in my FAMQ section Michael's
"let's dress like a grown up" transformation.  Now that we have all 
the basics down, it is time to throw some novelty pieces in the mix.

My best friend from childhood is getting married next week 
and I wanted my best boy looking... well, his best!
I decided he needed another suit. 
He surprisingly agreed to this. 

Of course... there is a week left to find a suit, 
get it tailored, find shoes, a shirt and accessories. 
Can we do it?
We're Handy Manny-ing this shit.

So day one. We go to H&M and we found a suit!
Fits peeeeerfectly. Surprisingly, even I 
agreed that the suit didn't need any tailoring touch ups.
This suit all together was $89. 

It's a medium grey (so it can be worn through the fall) 
and it's pretty light weight.  The pants are super fitted and the 
jacket has an athletic cut.  I suggest any guys out there
who are trim (skinny - athletic build) should try these suits. 

Then we went to Nordstrom to go shoe shopping.
I was so proud.  My Michael listens to me.
He went right up to these beautiful Magnanni brown wingtips.
On sale, $199.  We both fell in love.  We even discussed
splitting the cost between each other.  But Michael
being the financially savvy logical one snapped right out of that
dream world real quick.  

He did find a great dark brown.. nondescript belt.. on sale, $32.

Now yesterday was day 2.
I went shoe shopping for the young lad.
Extremely successful in Zara.
I can't seem to find an image online but I
will describe them best I can!

They are a washed out worn beige/brown wingtip.
The toe has a rounded point and the main body of the shoe
is leather, with a section of the shoe being
 a burlap/canvas material.
On sale, $59.

He loved them.

I think we are in business my friends!
I will keep you updated as I collect more goodies for
Michael's "look of the century!"

The List

  1. suit
  2. shoes 
  3. shirt
  4. tie
  5. cotton pocket square
  6. tie clip
  7. happy socks

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


On Sunday my old roommates and I
ventured out at 6:30 am to the wonderful world of Brimfield.

(It was my first time)
So special.

The day I own real estate I am hitting
this place up for realzies.

Of course I took 1,000,005 pictures.
... and loved every second of it!

K's flea market outfit.

B picking out her birthday gift!

Good cat.... evil cat.

A cupboard, some ceiling tile and ammo. 


I loved that ladder. 


This is my favorite.

Bren and I thought it was appropriate 
to get BBQ pulled pork at 10:30 am.
Lil K did not.

M & T

I love myself some old man garb!

Bakelite utensils!

So many amazing things...
Thank God for cameras!

I will post my great purchases from the day another time!
Hope you enjoyed the photos.