Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Life of a Paperdoll

So this is my first entry... and I figure I should introduce myself? My name is Taryn and I'm a quarter of a century old.  I think I'll set this "about me" section up like they did in Style Diaries...

{20 things about myself}

I am Greek and Albanian - My mother named me after Nicollette Sheridan in the soap opera Paperdolls - I am by definition a Cancer - I always keep a piece of red on me for protection.. family superstition - I am extremely sentimental and love to wear all of my meaningful treasures at once, which is where I get my boho/gypsy look from - I whole heartedly believe in Karma and "The Golden Rule" - I don't like chocolate, condiments or felt - I believe that life is about people and your relationships with them - My passion is painting and my career is styling - I create scenarios through clothing.. that's usually how I end up buying most of my clothes - I hate when people ask me about fashion because they make it sound so mindless.. I would rather them ask me about my thought process behind my style - I am a terrible speller - I have a dark side...... but I also have this really cliche girly side filled with sororities, cheerleading, and fashion - I don't think tarot is something you "believe" in.. it is what it is and people fear it for some reason - I love "Zen" green tea - Yoga centers me and put things into perspective.. but I'm not a yogi - I cry a lot when I'm by myself, mostly because my brain wonders too much when I'm alone - A lot of people see me as self absorbed or vain, but I'm not.. I'm just really in tune with myself and what makes me happy - I love dressing like a boy with a hint of sexy - I love mens fashion more than womens

so hopefully at some point SOMEONE will read this.  this isn't a fashion blog... but fashion will be a big part of it. enjoy.

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