Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What a tangled web we weave...

I had a conversation today that started by a colleague asking what my blog was about and it ended up taking a turn into a land called INTERESTING... and I thought I would share: 

I answered his initial question by saying that I in fact didn't really know what my blog was about.  I said that it was mostly about my life and that it really just mirrored my my personality, which in a nutshell, could be described as ADD on a silver platter. His response was that maybe it wasn't ADD.. maybe I just have a different thought process and outlook than most people. He then compared my brain to a spiderweb,  all of these thoughts and theories and interests going in every which direction.... and yet somehow everything is connected.  Most people have what he called a "linear thought process" and the people that don't are pretty much the ones that stand out, because there's not a whole lot of them.  I really liked that whole spiderweb metaphor. I wish someone had told me that a long time ago.  All my life, even now, people always try and "correct" me like I'm doing something wrong if it's different.. like my writing style, my decorating, my hair color, my hair style, my eye brow shape, etc.  (most of the time they leave me alone about my fashion sense because they know I'll chop their head of with my Cancerian crab claw! SNIP SNIP!).. and the craziest part, is that in the end, they usually talk about how cute I look or how much they love my style... well if you "love my style" why are you always trying to change me or "correct" me? ok I promise I'm making a point.... and it's: people need to stop thinking that their opinion is gold and realize that everyone is... drum roll please.... DIFFERENT!  Embrace it people!  Different doesn't equal wrong. If you don't understand something then ask.. I love sincere questions! But if you're just going to be carelessly hurtful and rude then please, keep it to yourself.  An open understanding mind makes a happier life.

So yes.. this is my spiderweb. Welcome. I hope you get stuck in it forever and never want to leave. 
I promise I won't eat you.

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