Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Doll House

Holy nips! I love this pic.  She looks like my tasty tarte from yesterday!

Ladies aaaand Gents (I know of a gentleman or two that frequent this page... I won't name any names hehehee) my Tumblr page, aka The Doll House, is now up and running!  It is obviously a work in progress buuuut I encourage you to check it out!  Just like the old Doll House section, this page is my.. how do I phrase this... if The Life of a Paperdoll was my RTW (ready-to-wear) line then The Doll House would be my runway collection.  It's the inner workings of my spiderweb.  It's all about the concept of me and what catches my eye from a day to day basis.  It will mostly be made up of images (like the one above) and quotes that inspire me and my ever evolving world that surrounds me.. I hope you enjoy it!

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