Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the 13th Could Have Gone Smoother..


Ok.. So the MD and I decided to go to Charlie's on Newbury (per usual) for our "date night"... 

Now we've noticed that 8 times out of 10, ONLY at Charlie's, I have one Pink Sangria too many, pick a fight and then end up crying..

So inappropriate. 
... and per usual... it happened again.  

 If I could go back in time... I would have ordered the water to start like Mike suggested. 

My Downfall

But it's sooooo goooddd!
... but not on an empty stomach.

I'm not a super religious girl... but my only words are..
God bless Michael. 

Sorry dude.

So anyways!! I totally wore such a cute outfit and didn't even photograph it!

For all the girls who care:
I wore my See by Chloe tribal, color block, jersey knit dress with my black E&J booties... a really cool graphic bangle that I got from Francesca's and my studded Marc by Marc bag.  

Super simple but super cute.. I might have to do a repeat for a picture..

Tonight... because I feel like such an ass, I'm doing a "re-do date" on my dime.. 
Hopefully it will run a lot smoother :)
Any suggestions?
(Boston friends please speak now)

What! Friday the 13 makes me crazy sometimes! 

I know........ what you're thinking.

Shut up.

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  1. ruttt roah!! Tell M that it's part of the package ;)


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