Monday, May 16, 2011

Important Announcement!

Ok... maybe it's just important to me... but I wanted to let you "dolls" know.

I think that I will be only blogging during the work week... 
I need a little break from the blogging world for at least two days a week.

To cleeear my mind if you will! 
.. not to mention "live my life" considering that's what this blog is all about!
If I was a full time blogger and making money off this thing I would do it everyday.. 
but for now I am not.. One day maybe (I hope).

Plus I think that there is too much to read at times... and when I'm reading other blogs... if there's too much to read I get overwhelmed and I just don't read anything at all.

So there.
I said it.

Hopefully no one is mad or "disappointed".  
I just want to bring you quality posts.

That is all :)

Ok the other thing is (for those of you who don't use Blogger) Blogger kind of "shit the bed" a little bit last week... and decided to erase posts.. and pages... and layouts.  So I am taking today to revamp my page! Hopefully it will be beautiful for ya'll tomorrow!

For now I will leave you with this lovely photo I took a few days ago...

I'm keeping this image in my mind to keep my head clear and serene.

I also made an appointment for a massage, so that should help too!

Maybe I'll book a facial as well... I think I need one.

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