Friday, May 27, 2011

Pretty Diesel

So after work yesterday I got ready to go to what I thought was maybe a new bar.. to see a few of my friends play some music.. and ended up at the Diesel store on Newbury.

They hosted two bands last night.. with free booze.. it was pretty friggin sweet.

Who wears short shorts! This kid does.
Loved him.

The mood of the night was pretty chill and everyone was just hangin out.
The industrial look of the store was the perfect stage for an intimate acoustic show.
The guys did a great job and I was on my way to drunk town after a beer and a half...
What.. I'm a cheap date.

Tower and the Fool started the night..

... and we ended with Early Morning Blues.

Both bands are extremely talented.  I'm a huge fan of these boys and I'm telling you to check them out.
So do it.

So when the music stopped and everyone started to disperse like cockroaches.. Nicole and I found ourselves at Starbucks.. where I found this little angel.

Isn't she a little Tim Burton meets Rene Magritte dream.
Contact me if you're reading this.. I may have an opportunity for you.

Anyways.. great night.. awesome people.. and drinks that got the job done.

We ended our night at Tapeo with some sangria and tapas.
You're jealous.

See ya Monday!

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