Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Week Kick-off!

Yes it is officially my birthday week!!!
For today's post I will be telling you kids the story
of the "Sacred Geneva Wine."

Once upon a time..
 my best friend Erica visited a far away
land called Geneva.

As a gift she bought her best friend a nice bottle
of red.  Now, the girls promised
each other that they would only crack it open on a
special occasion.. an occasion where they both accomplished
something great! So the two girls started to come up with goals
to accomplish so that they could simply just drink the bottle to their face
with not a care in the world!
Well... the list of "greats" grew and grew and grew..
Until it looked like this...

We will drink to celebrate when...
  1. I get onto the Visual Team
  2. I get my first "real person" apartment
  3. Erica gets into law school
  4. we turn 24
  5. Erica and I move in together
  6. we turn 25
  7. Erica moves to DC for law school
  8. we celebrate Christmas
  9. we celebrate Valentine's Day?
  10. Easter..
As you can see... all of these special occasions and milestones
have come and gone and we still have YET  to crack the bottle.
So this past weekend I decided to, while we are both still at the ripe
age of 25... and I am about to kiss my youth goodbye
and we are both making moves and still dating within the same bloodline..
I decided... we should drink.  We need a drink.

... and we deserve it.

The most amazing wine I've ever tasted
with my most amazing friend.

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