Monday, July 18, 2011

The Perfect Party

This weekend was seriously out of a dream.

My best friend put together an amazing party for me.
(Along with the help from a few other elves)
Praise her and her neuroses! The ambiance couldn't have
been more spot on to "the perfect party scene" that I've created in my head.

Her inspiration?
(Because she's perfect)
She used the images that I talked about from a while back from
the post entitled "Rain, rain GO AWAY!"

My stomach dropped when I walked in.
Everything was so whimsical.
Candles.. lanterns... sangria... guac (thanks lil k)!

Here's the miracle-worker herself!

...and the cupcakes!
Oh my word.. the cupcakes were beautiful!

I learned later that she threatened everyone's life..
"If any one even THINKS about touching this table before
she gets here and documents it.. your dead."

OK, she might not have said those exact words..
But I did think it was a little strange that out of a little over
ten people (consisting mostly of boys) not a single thing
within the spread was out of place.

My friend Sarah.. the token bar tender of the group,
made the most delicious (and strong) sangria I've ever tasted.

It looked as though it was plucked off the pages of Martha Stuart Magazine,
but had the kick of a 16 year old attempting to make a mixed drink.
AND STILL tasted amazingly like juice!
(Sarah... I would like the recipe when you have a moment)

This was my perfect
summer celebration outfit that I put together!

I had to warn my boyfriend about said outfit..
This is how the conversation went.

ME: Hey soooo don't make fun of my outfit... because I really like it.
MD: Why.......... what is it.
ME: Well it's mainly the shorts... they're high waisted.... pleated.............. and suede..

Oh young love..

The night was amazing...
Because my friends are amazing...
Some even brought me gifts!!
I was so psyched.

This was from Aimee..
She is an amazing artist and made me this vase.
The wild flowers were hand picked from her mother's garden.
So thoughtful it hurts.

My Noodle brought this little package!
The books are all by Edward Gorey and the leaves
are leaves that she picked up from Edward Gorey's front lawn!
Again.. so thoughtful.
And the ring... I miiiiight have made a huge fuss over during one
of our adventures in Cambridge one day.

It was just too perfect.
Best birthday present ever Erica!
Thank you so much.
You deserve only the best and I love you!

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  1. So much fun, and so sweet!! what great friends!


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