Thursday, August 25, 2011

Artist Love: Coleen Broderick

Artist, stylist, blogger and fashion history guru
 Ms. Coleen Broderick

You may recognize this blogging beauty
as the creator of The Well Versed Wardrobe.
If you haven't checked out this blog yet, 
I highly suggest you do.

Ms. Broderick does something no other
fashion blogger does.  She doesn't just show 
off some killer couture, she takes you through
her wardrobe through telling the history and story of a 
different designer every week.  She helps the aspiring 
fashionistas out there understand the value in these 
beautiful pieces of wearable art. 

So which piece in this photo did this talented 
and "well versed" fashionista make for this post?

All of it.

A few weeks ago I told Coleen I wanted to feature her
in one of my "Artist Love" posts. She agreed and gave herself 
a deadline.  Every so often I would see her working on some 
patterns and sketches.  I thought "Oooo! Maybe she'll 
make a really cool scarf to showcase! Or a Navajo wall piece!" 
But no.  This girl shows up the day of the photo shoot
completely decked out in her artwork! 

The B made an entire outfit.
She is out of control.
So talented.

Polished Cotton Khaki Skirt
with Vintage Batik Applique 

Silk Screen Print on Burlap

Every piece is handmade.

The shirt is made of eyelet lace, the necklace is made
of cut-up dyed jersey knit and the vintage batiked
fabric on the skirt was her
Grandmother's from Indonesia.

The clutch is definitely my favorite piece
out of the whole ensemble.
She silk screened the ikat print onto fusible
vinyl and then heat set it onto burlap.

Absolutely amazing.

I would drop some serious cash on this thing.

Coleen's textile knowledge and expertise
has really paid off!

If you're interested in Coleen's talents
you can contact her at


  1. why the hell isn't she on project runway??

  2. Thank you thank you thank you. You are far too kind!


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