Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Entertainment

Since most of us will 
be in our boarded up homes waiting
for the storm to pass all day tomorrow,
I figured I would add in a
weekend post!

As many of you know,
if you follow me on twitter/instagram, 
yesterday was my last day working for the most
amazing company in the luxury retail world.
Neiman Marcus.

I can finally say it!

I was with them for four years 
and the experience was nothing short of
amazing and inspiring.  

That store will always be very special
to me, and the people that I have 
met there will too.  

I mean who else can 
say they get free facials, cosmetic consultations
 and get to try on Chanel at work! 
Not to mention getting to display
something you created in one of the most 
coveted windows of any retailer?

I need to show off my farewell gift from 
my team... it is seriously a girl's dream gift basket!

It just warms my heart
and gives me butterflies.
(pun intended)

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