Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life is like a box of Swiss dark chocolates.

So bitter you have to spit it out and eat a fruit snack.

Yesterday was the most bizarre day of my life. 
It went up... it went down.. it went up.. down... 
and then up again.

It started by getting a surprising personal
email from a fashion icon of mine.

Then I left work early to catch a bus to New York
(to cross some t's and dot some i's)
and I'm tucking some newly purchased sweet ass belts
away in my luggage aaaaand dropped my keys
in the trunk and slammed my trunk shut.  

My car was locked.

I started tearing up... had a crazy inner monologue going, 
then snapped myself out of it.  Called AAA and yay!!
The girl found me a truck that would arrive in 15 minutes!!
But boooooo he doesn't come for a half hour because 
he couldn't find the correct parking garage.  

Finally the kid finds me and as he's fidgeting 
with my car I can tell he's struggling.  He looks 
at me and says "VW really designs these well.
The interior lock buttons won't work and they
have it so you can't reach the trunk release."


He finally opens the door.  
The alarm is going off and the trunk release
still won't work.  I had to crawl into my trunk through
my backseat to get the keys. Ok problem solved.

Then I realize I am now left with an hour
to drive into Boston.. find parking.. and get to 
South Station all in rush hour traffic.  
(Just driving in usually takes 45 minutes)

Miracle #1 - There was no traffic.
Miracle #2 - Found a cab driver who knew some secret 
way to South Station that avoided all traffic 
and dropped you off in the bus terminal.
Miracle #3 - The bus was running ten minutes late.

So needless to say I made it.

So I find a seat and all of a sudden I hear ever swear word 
you can think of being mumbled under some woman's breath.
She is STRUGGLING up the stairs, her strap to her briefcase
breaks... the seat she sits in is broken and her AC won't work.
Then, from what I gathered, she gets an email with some bad
news, because once again the swearing and the huffing and 
puffing starts.  What do I take from this?
Your day can always be worse.

All in all the rest of the night was great.
I enjoyed a seat by myself with my frosted
animal crackers, My Little Pony fruit snacks
that my mommy packed me and Role Models.  

I ended the night with $10 burgers and beers
and my best friend.

The End.

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