Thursday, August 18, 2011

Urban Elements

When I was in Salem the other day, 
my friend and I.. mid conversation... with out even looking at the 
store front go "Wanna go inside? Yup!"

That's an "issue" we women folk have.
We are highly sensitive to "pretty".. we can sniff it out 
pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

We're like moths to a flame.

Urban Elements. 
Absolutely adorable! 

Their style is like "country shabby chic meets the big city"
Really cool stuff... a lot of bird decor.
Love it? Yup!

You could literally go crazy buying things in there.

I'm on a very limited budget and still managed to make a purchase!

I couldn't resist these little suction cup birdies 
that stick to your wine glass to personalize your poison.
Only $5 for six of them!

I think my favorite was the matryoshka wine decanter. 
... and the distressed furniture gave me butterflies.

And the best part... 
(yes it gets even better)
There is a massage studio in the back 
of the store.

They went there.

I can't think of a more perfect place.

Check them out for yourself! 

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