Thursday, September 1, 2011

Artist Love: Adriana Unarreal Part II

As I mention on Tuesday, 
today is a very special day.

Today, you are the first 
to lay eyes on Adriana's Fall/Winter collection!
No joke.. stores haven't even begun to purchase these
pieces yet! See!? I wouldn't lie to you kiddos!!

This collection has a similar feel to 
Adriana's Spring Summer collection except
this grouping has even more of an ethnic edge to it.

I absolutely love it. 
It's like Man Repeller meets Iris Apfel 
meets transformers. Oh my holy lord!
I don't hate it. 

I am honored 
to be the first to present to you...
Adri Accessories FW11.

I personally want the transformer 
Egyptian cat necklace...
aka the gigi-necklace.
Siiiiiick (I sang that).
I would name it Sicknastatron.

Which one is your favorite?
Feel free to comment my little dolls!

Again please do not hesitate to contact 
Adriana directly at 
or myself with any questions!

Make sure to check out her website
and "like" Adri on facebook.

Oh!! And while you're there check out her
AMAHZING-NYC blog collaboration with 
Taisa Veras... it is amahzing.
What! I had to. 

But seriously.. the pieces are pretty kick-ass.

I hope you enjoyed this special two part
Artist Love segment!

It's been real.

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  1. Love the Anika necklace in the darker purple motif!!


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