Friday, September 30, 2011

Not Your Mother's Potpourri

Last end of summer/fall I went on a holiday 
to visit friends in Kennebunk, ME.
If you have never been.. you must, in the fall, take a trip.
It is absolutely gorgeous!

My friends and I went on antique excursion 
and ended up at this beautiful farm! It was owned by a Syracuse Alum
who kept us there for well over an hour telling us stories from
his college days of when he broke into my sorority house 
and almost got kicked out of school.

So along with a great story we left with some 
beautiful dried flowers which have been adding the
most amazing pops of color to my room ever since!

I cut them up and put the pieces in these beautiful 
glass jars from Anthropologie and they look gorgeous!
I had one jar that has been empty since the summer 
and I finally found the perfect little cotton tails at one of 
the flower shops by my apartment.

So now my collection is complete...
Ya... I just got all Little Mermaid on your ass.
Sometimes that's who I feel like.. I just collect 
"junk" and hoard it on my walls and all over my room.  

That's what they should really call Anthropologie.
Hoarders 'R' Us. 
Where it's ok to keep buying tchotchkes
because they're pretty... and we're all in this together.

 When will it ever be real fall weather here!!
I just want that feeling.. when your stomach drops
in the best way and it just smells like fall. 
Will someone from home hand deliver it to me please?
Thank you.

I think I am going to head over to the Lower East Side
and NOT end up in Brooklyn like the last time I attempted
to go there... and hit up that sweet ass flea market.
This post just got me in the mood.

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