Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYFW: Elie Tahari

Thanks to my awesome former roomy
I got to attend the Elie Tahari show.

Though I wasn't part of "the pit"
I still managed to snap a few great shots!

I also go to shake hands and meet
theeee Linda Freakin Fargo!
She wished me luck on my interview for this Tuesday.

No biggie.

The Neiman Marcus Group taking over front and center! The way it should be.
The collection was absolutely breathtaking.
Broken down into four color stories.
Nude khaki,
a beautiful ethereal grey-blue,
a curry mango orange (gorgeous)
and black with gold accents.

The orange color way literally looked like
mango puree just dripping off of the girls!

I have always been a really big fan of Elie's work.
His attention to detail is phenomenal.
I think I teared up at the end.
Not gunna lie.

I loooved the movement that the strips of fabric
created. All of the girls looked like Israeli princesses!

The tulle sequin capes, sheer pants and
the rich colors made my heart beat out of my chest.
And the SHOES! Ugh the shoes that just crawled
right up the models' legs!! The music the girls walked to
gave me chills. I am such a huge fan.
The whole production just made my stomach drop.

And this is how it started...

Jim Gold and Linda Fargo

Final Look

Mr. Elie Tahari

Good night moon.
Good night fountain.
Good night Lincoln Center.


  1. Oh wow 0 lucky lucky you x

  2. AMAZING!!! I'm so jealous, but happy for you :) Great shots!


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