Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The post you have all been waiting for...

Did I trick you to look?

No but seriously... 

In honor of moving in with my very own Filipino
I am going to release the recipe of  how to make the
 Filipino Fried Banana Wraps!
aka Turon.



What you will need
-A pan 
-Vegetable oil for frying 
-Filipino Lumpia Wrappers (found in freezer section at an Asian Market)
-Plantains.. but good luck finding those so Ba-nay-nays will do just fine!
-Brown sugar 

Ok so these are the easiest things to make 
and they are sooooooooo good.  I'm not a huge 
banana fan but I could eat these all day everyday.

And yes Gilo... 
I will win your mother over with these!
One day!..... one day.

All you do is you put about a half an inch of oil in
your pan and turn the heat on medium high.. wait for
it to get hot. To know when it's hot drop a small piece
of ba-nay-nay into the oil and see if it sizzles right up!

Peel your banana and cut off the tips and then cut it 
long ways into threes. Take one piece and put it down
on one of the wrappers (you have to peel the wrappers apart
 before use, but I thought you guys were smart enough to 
know that) about an inch or so from the edge of the wrapper.  

Then roll it on up like a burrito! 
Seal your end-little-flap-envelope thing with honey
to close up your banana burrito and then drop 
it down to its death in the sizzling hot oil!!

As the banana burritos are browning just
sprinkle the brown sugar over their little
bodies! Now the frying process literally takes 
about 20-30 seconds so make sure not to burn the 
suckers! And make sure you flip them so they get 
brown on both sides!

Remove the babes from the oil and lets them dry
on a paper towel... and theeeeeeennnn,

Enjoy your fried amazingness!!! 

They should look like this when you're done.

 One of my old co-workers made me these as
a good bye gift when I left Neimans.  He was a very
special friend of mine and I will miss him dearly.

Renato is the most amazing and talented cook
as well as a great tailor! So Renato?
This post is for you!!! 

Thank you so much for the recipe!! 
I made them for my going away party and 
everyone loved them!!
(Even my mother!)

Enjoy guys!

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  1. My waistline hates you for this but my stomach can't thank you enough. They were sooooo good!


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