Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Man Post: Get suited up for Fall

So when Mother Nature decides to get her 
shit together so we can start experiencing some 
real New England style Fall weather you boys 
should be well equipped with Fall's favorite fabrics.

Flannel & Corduroy

Personally, I love the lumberjack look.
And I love that it's trending right now!
Like look at this guy. 


Hi! I love you.
I mean... he can really pull of a mean
Canadian Tuxedo. 

I love this jacket...
Well it looks more like a "shackardigan."
Those of you who don't speak Taryn that is a
shirt, jacket, cardigan hybrid.
An Outerwear Mutt if you will.
Either way, I love it.

GANT RUGGER Lambswool Check Jacket $298

GANT has some great flannels but
if you don't want to break the bank...
ugh I hate when people say that.. redo.
If you are broke as shit or a cheap ass go to
Kohls and pick up a fist full!  They're aboot
$15 a pop! Sorry my Canadian is showing.

Now onto the cords.


H&M usually has a great skinny cord 
for like $20.  If you want something a little nicer
take a look at Levi's 511 Skinny Corduroy.. 
not super cheap but it's a pretty decent price.

Levi's 511 Skinny Corduroy at Kohls

If you want to go another step up
check out J.Crew's Vintage Cord line.
I love the slim fit.. but I'm sure you knew that. 

J.Crew Vintage Slim Fit Cord

And if you really want to spoil yourself 
with a really nice pair of cords... Go GANT.

GANT The Cordster 5 Pocket Chip

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