Monday, October 24, 2011

Pinterest has warped my mind.

You know when you were little and you would
cut out photos from magazines and maybe you pin them 
up on your cork board... or put them in a binder of your favorite things.

My friends and I would constantly be making collages. 
That was like the COOLEST thing ever. 
My friend Ashley was the queen of collages. 

So now I'm all grown up and I have Pinterest.

Pinerest is basically a virtual inspiration board.
You can basically "pin" anything that inspires you on the web.
It's great and I'm officially addicted (thank you very much Amanda).

Lately I've been spending my days on this site 
getting so inspired by all of these images.

The problem is, though... 
I just moved to New York and all of a sudden I'm getting
so inspired by these interior shots of houses and 
now all I want to do is basically get married and have 
someone build me my dream house.


But can you blame me? 

This would be my ULTIMATE kitchen.

This guy is a little much but I love the exterior materials.

I love nooks.
My house must have cozy nooks. 

I would die for barn doors in my house.

... and I want a huge, masculine, beautiful front door.

Hate the brick.. love the door.

I've always been attracted to heavy masculine old doors.  Just love.

Just like my clothing I love the balance of 
masculine and feminine design. 
Shabby chic meets sleek and sophisticated.
Light in color, dark in wood. 
I love the New England, natural wood,
log cabin aesthetic. 
It gives me butterflies just thinking about it.

So, anyone out there want to make this happen for me?

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