Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Very Robin Scherbatsky Christmas

Jessica and I bought our very first Christmas tree together.
We named her Kristen and she's from British Columbia.
We bought her from an adorable Canuck around the corner
from our Upper East Side apartment.

She's the Robin Scherbatsky of Christmas Trees.
(A Canadian New Yorker for those of you who don't
watch How I Met Your Mother)

That water bottle is Kristen's.
It's how we feed her!

So how do you fully dress a Christmas tree
when you're rent poor and have no ornaments?

Here's how!

White lights.

Old school newspaper garland.  
We used The Globe and Mail straight from Canada!

Colorful candy canes
 and restaurant post cards for ornaments.

And a very special topper.
One of my belts from J.Crew.

Here we go!

Kristen, all lit up.

The garland is next!

Trim on the tree and constipation on the face.
Constipated or about to sneeze.. I can never tell.

Candy Canes!

Pretty girl!

Almost there!

Finishing touches..
Beautiful Kristen!

 And theeeen Spidey came to town!

My Spidey Senses say 
"that shit's creepy!"

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