Monday, January 16, 2012

A little Sunday surprise.

As my friends and I were going to 
catch a cab in the South Street Seaport we
found this little place! 

The South Street Seaport Museum
Bowne & Co., Stationers.

I love this city.

Then I found these...

The owner.. Robert.. was so excited to know
that my blog URL was Life Size Paperdoll.

He was so sweet.  

He wouldn't let me leave without buying the 
"life size paper doll" kit, so he let 
me have it for half price.  

It will be hanging 
on my wall soon enough! 

I'm thinking about framing the life size clothing too!
Should be a good time.  Photos to come.

This was my favorite.
I love anchors and I love Valentine's Day.
So glad we went into this place.

If you're in the area and appreciate hand made
prints and cards you should definitely stop in.
The prices are great and Robert is a very nice man.
Great conversationalist.

South Street Seaport Museum. 
Look it up.

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