Monday, February 20, 2012

Super! Market

Once upon a time..
in a land called NoLita, 
there was a magical place called 
Super! Market.

And it is awesome. 

It's basically a farmer's market of the coolest
vintage and modern jewelry, accessories and clothing.

This is where I found what I like to call
 my first impulse purchase of NYC...
aka my 1970's  Celine Handbag.
It is the "gum" of my closet.

{this will be a post at some point in the future}

The first table at this "fantasy farmer's market" that 
 I was drawn to  belonged to this adorable French girl named
Virginie Millefiori.

I was initially drawn in by
her hot air balloon necklaces.

They reminded me of  my little girl silkscreen.

All of her pieces are playful and whimsical.

The best part of her pinwheel collection is that
the pinwheel rings actually spin!!!

Virginie's pieces are 14k gold plated with painted enamel.

Of course I couldn't walk away without
supporting this artist who was so excited, 
talented and more importantly humble!

I love supporting the arts when I can afford to!
I am super excited to say that I own the triangles bracelet-ring!

And this is how I style it..

Thank you Virginie! 
You were a pleasure to do business with!

To see and purchase Virginie's designs visit

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