Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This is the Little White Dress that haunts my dreams.
I am absolutely obsessed with this little kerchief that's adorning my friend lil k.
(To see more of her fantastic wardrobe visit itsnevertoo.blogspot.com)

This piece is the perfect little boho "let's go sit outside an grab drinks downtown" dress.

I've had LWDs come in and out of my life in the past..
 but nothing that has really rocked my world.
This summer all I want is to be really tan and... maybe to go blonde again..
and to own a white dress that changes my life.

Ya I know.. dramatic.
But lately I feel pale, dowdy and washed up.
I need a new look asap.

I've been doing yoga, drinking more water and now all I need is a makeover.
It's coming soon... I can feel it.

In the mean time I've been checking out these dresses by Free People.

For prices and more LWD browsing go to freepeople.com!

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