Friday, March 23, 2012

Single Girl Habits

So it's a Friday night and I decided to cook myself some dinner 
and stay in.  Today was crazy.. running around to all three of my New York stores
plus all of the department stores that carry us to refresh the floors.. all in 6" platforms. 

So I watched an episode of Sex and the City while cooking some breaded chicken 
and lemon grass dumplings.... naturally those go together... and it was the episode
where the girls go around the table and tell each other  their "secret single girl habits."
Carrie eats the saltines in the kitchen reading magazines, Miranda lotions her hands 
in those gloves watching infomercials, Charlotte studies her pores.... Samantha's a slut.

Now.. for the first time in years, my single girl habits have resurfaced.
One of which is... because I'm a true Cancerian.. reflecting on my past.
I know that sounds really "deep" and a little too general, but what I mean is I use 
to love getting in my bed after a nice shower and reading through my old diaries.

I've kept a diary since I think the 4th grade?
My last diary ended something like 2 years ago... 
and now I have my blog to keep track of my life.  So here I am..
it's a Friday night.. just me and Buddy Bear.. reading through my old blog posts.
Some of them make me sad and nostalgic for my old life in Southie.
Some make me happy that my life has grown and changed so much.
But what was kind of cool was that the {20 things about me} from my very first post
over a year ago pretty much all remain the same.  Except for the chocolate part.
I've grown to like chocolate a little more than I use to.

I'm going to continue on reading now.. then I'll go to bed so that I can wake up early, 
go get a Swedish massage, get my hair done, meet the girls out to celebrate the engagement of one of my sorority sisters and then end the night getting drunk at a bar watching the Syracuse game.
I'm looking forward to it.



  1. To me it sounds like you had a great friday, as a single girl I can totally relate haha!

  2. Super lovely blog!



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