Thursday, March 8, 2012

A weird but beautiful day in this weird but beautiful city.

So today was weird.
It was such a beautiful day in New York.
Absolutely beautiful.  I literally kept getting butterflies. 
Like it all finally made sense why I am here.  
I think it really hit me when I was sitting with my coworkers 
on the rooftop deck, sipping my ice coffee. 
I couldn't stop feeling so happy to be where I was at that very moment.
At a job, in a career that I love, with the most amazing people,
on the most gorgeous day in this beautiful city, surround by 
jaw dropping architecture.  There's really no way to describe it.
I feel so lucky.

Anyways... I left my office to go purchase some floral 
for one of my downtown store's windows.
After stumbling out of Whole Foods with three bags full
of little potted flowers I flagged down an SUV cab.
Woo! Yaa! Got one! So in my frantic hurry to get my bags
in this guy's trunk and into the backseat I slammed the trunk down... 
and onto my head.  Annoyed at my clumsiness I climbed into 
the cab and directed the driver where to go.  I put my hand up to my 
head to feel if there was a bump and my head was wet.
When I pulled my hand away it was covered in blood. 
Uuuuhh gross?

I get to my store in the West Village and the manager
looks at me and says.. "ok.. I don't want to freak you out...
but you need to go to the hospital. Taryn? Go to the hospital.
Like seriously... just to be safe. Go to the hospital.. now."

Luckily my coworkers are awesome and 
helped me find a walk in clinic to go to, to get checked out.
Everyone was great. Everything was fine.. NO STITCHES!!! Yaaaayyy!
Got a tetanus shot... so NO INFECTIONS!! Yaaayyy! 
Bad news? I'm still an idiot.. Booooo!

But everyone was so sweet and helpful and caring 
throughout the hour that I was convinced I would pass out,
by myself and bleed out alone and die.

But seriously, 
the whole annoying experience left me feeling even more at home in this city.
It's nice to know you're surrounded by good people. 
It gives ya the fuzzy wuzzies! 

Now I'm home.. I washed the blood out of my hair...
ate some friggin fantastic Chinese food, and now I'm going to go pack
because I leave for Boston tomorrow at 2pm. 

Moral of the story?
Your day could always be worse...
you could bleed out in the backseat of a cab...
and die.


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