Monday, April 16, 2012

Nice Melons

Growing up my mother tried her hardest to train me to 
wait for special occasions to wear newly purchased clothing. 
I had a tendency to purchase and wear within the same day. 
This is probably the first and only time that I've successfully "saved" an outfit.
 When I laid eyes on this dress back in December I wanted it more than anything. 
I knew it would be the perfect Easter ensemble! 

Who doesn't appreciate a melon covered muumuu?
JC definitely does!
So yesterday this little embroidered cotton striped dress
made it's debut in front of my most harsh critics.  
My family.

They loved it.  The day was beautiful! Sunny and in the 70's.
 Little cuz and I walked over to Carson's Beach to enjoy the weather after 
cracking some red eggs and stuffing ourselves with the best lamb ever!

Watermelon dress by Gant by Michael Bastian.
Melon shoes by J.Crew (best purchase ever).

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