Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday walk through Central Park

On Sunday the girls and I took a nice long walk through Central Park.
It was such a beautiful day.. some great exercise.. great photo ops.  
More importantly I was rocking my overalls!

If you remember back to my Fashion Mission post about two months ago
I did it!  Fashion Mission: Overalls complete!

After raiding my little cousins closet and discovering her overalls from 5th grade
 and buying some awesome flat forms at Joe Fresh my mission was complete.  
Overalls are so sweet.  Endless storage possibilities!  

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  1. congratulations with your mission accomplished in a very beautiful way, and I can see how relaxed you feel in what I consider the best clothing item ever invented both for men and women, and 2 years ago I walked along the same path in Central Park in my overalls :) Have an overall nice May 1st, Niels


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