Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashion runs in the family

The women in my family are not only strong, hilarious and at most times crazy,
but we also have a pretty great eye for fashion!

My mother is so cool.  I mean just look at her.  I only hope I look that fantastic 
when I'm her age.  She trained me well.  Never repeat an outfit and always 
wear blush and lipstick.  Key lessons I've learned in my 26 years.

And then there's my little cousin.  She bombs into my family barbecue
looking like she was plucked out of Mad Men.  She is absolutely gorgeous.
This dress looks so fantastic on her and the colors were perfect for our
colorful cook out!  Of course she put up a fight when I tried to take her picture.
So I snuck this great candid of her. 

Her dress is from H&M and her beautiful necklace 
was a cheap but chic find from P-Town!

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