Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Travels

The past couple crazy weeks have got me really excited 
for my upcoming travels!  Weirdly enough these travels are for 
work and not pleasure, however I'm pretty sure they are going to 
feel like a fantastic vacation from the insane realities of my life.

Every weekend I am either traveling home or going to see friends..
and as much as I feel so grateful to have my family and friends I am mentally 
and emotionally exhausted.  Life can just be too much sometimes!

These business trips.. I will be on my own, experiencing new
cities and countries, focusing on myself and my work and I am really
looking forward to it.  I can take a deep breath and regroup!

I leave for Chicago in a few days!
Besides meeting with some people for work, 
my only hope and mission is to photograph myself in "the bean".
I also would love to enjoy a really nice dinner at a restaurant that I've
only heard about on the Food Network or Bravo.  
Big plans!

After Chicago is {drum roll please} Stockholm!  
When I'm there I want to look like the girl in the photo above.
After Sweden I am off to Chicago again, home, New Hampshire,
 upstate New York, LA, DC and probably home to Boston again.
I would also love to fit in Charleston, SC.. maybe for my birthday.

This summer will be filled with new and beautiful experiences. 
I have only dreamed of having a career that allows me to travel and be creative.
I never thought it would actually happen.  I am so very excited.

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