Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sweden Day 1

Day one and I'm in love. This place is so beautiful and peaceful.
I met the most wonderful people today and now I'm sitting in an Adirondack chair
over looking this beautiful body of water.  The birds are out and the sun is going down
and I couldn't be happier.  I seriously needed this.

I just finished a wonderful dinner on the water.
I had seafood cakes and of course, Swedish meatballs... and taaaall glass of Riesling.
My hotel room is so beautiful.  Literally looks like it was plucked out of one of our
Gant Home ads.  I have a little patio with a table and chair that over looks the water
and when I open my hotel door there are floor to ceiling windows that perfectly frame
this little old overgrown shed.   I literally can't stop smiling.  
Everything here makes me so happy.  

The sun is almost down and it's time for me to sleep.
On to day 2.

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  1. ugh jealous love have fun- cant wait to see the photos


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