Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Artist Love: Sarah Anne Dinardo

This is a post that is long over due,
however I'm kind of glad that I waited until now to feature
my insaaaanely talented friend Sarah Anne Dinardo.

Sarah and I met about six years ago while she was rushing 
my sorority at Syracuse University.  We quickly realized we probably
 should have a met a long time ago but kept just missing each other.
The Narragansett native was a New England girl like myself and
had family that lived in the town where I grew up.
We shared a lot of the same childhood memories of my town and felt
we had a special connection. We were destined to be friends 
and SO.... I took her as my little sister!  Now we've grown so close 
that I forgot that DG is what brought us together.
 I feel like I've known her my whole life.

I have watched Sarah grow as an individual and an artist for
a while now.. and every day, through every sketch, 
through every project, big or small, she continues to absolutely amaze me... 
in every sense of the word.

She is an illustrator, a visual stylist, a florist, a collector
a fantastic cook and  (drum roll please) a tape artist!  
I'm sure if you follow my blog then you have seen shots of my room 
which means you have most definitely seen one of her tape sculptures.

Sarah creates these beautiful three dimensional
 sculptures by hand rolling masking tape.  It's crazy.
What I find so inspiring is that this art is something
 I have never seen before.  Something so truly unique.  
That is so hart to find in the art world today.

In our past lives when we worked together, 
I would be talking to her and I would notice this intense look in her 
eye while she was listening to me.. and I would look down and she would 
have rolled this golfball sized tape roll within like 30 seconds... 
I call it her nervous twitch.

She has been doing this for  years now
and I have been so tempted to do a post to show off her work.
Like I said before, I'm happy I waited until now because
she has just launched her new and improved website as of Saturday night!
And of course you should all check it out!

Sarah does have pieces that are for sale so if you are at all
interested in her work, or if you want to simply tell her how great
she is, please email her at sarahannedinardo@gmail.com!

She is truly such a warm and inspiring person.

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