Monday, September 10, 2012

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Molly is one of my talented and super stylish friends from Syracuse.
She definitely deserves an Artist Love post but that will come later.
This post is focussing on how kick ass her style is.

Her look is boy meets girl to the extreme and she pulls it off flawlessly.
She's androgynously sexy and is one of those girls who is just 
effortlessly fucking cool.  Sometimes when I'm shopping I think,
ok if I saw Molly wearing this would I be jealous? Yes? Ok sold!

Her jewelry is either vintage (the necklace below was her grandmother's)
or she made it herself.  Her wardrobe is eclectic as all hell and when we lived 
together we basically shared a closet.  With our closets combined we
definitely could have ruled the world.... of fashion..

Here are just a couple of her looks as of recent.


  1. You are at too kind and I kinda feel like a celeb! Haha
    Love you!

  2. you two really could have ruled the world of fashion.


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