Monday, October 29, 2012

Supper with Sandy

Trying to keep things light here in this scary situation.

The storm was a'comin and so I decided
to go to a friend's apartment down the street for a Sandy celebration..
and in my group of "go bags" I managed to forget to pack eggs!
(Yes I know! Howwww could I have done that!?)
Packed everything else..... breadcrumbs, my crushed velvet overall shorts, Ugg slippers,
sneakers to run away from tornadoes.. a gold headpiece, ya know, the essentials.
So I forgot eggs but I wanted to make breaded chicken.  I had the chicken,
breadcrumbs and..... Greek yogurt.  So we put our thinking caps on (Sadie is so smart)!
Used the yogurt to adhere the breadcrumbs.. absolutely amazing. AMAZING.
It had a tartness that reminded me of the lemon chicken that I make.  So good!
On the side are some spinach and ricotta ravioli with pesto sauce.
All topped off with shredded parmesan cheese!

OK ok!  Everyone on the east coast stay safe and sound!  From what I see and hear..
this Sandy bitch is on her period... and she ain't got no Midol!

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