Friday, March 29, 2013

An Eccentric Egg

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A few years back when I was searching the web for a recipe 
for a natural way to dye Easter Eggs, I came across this photo.  This egg is so cool.
Much like the technique that I used to dye my red eggs, you use onion skins to get this look.
Onion skins, rice, leaves, sprigs of dill all wrapped up in a cloth and tied with a string.
So gorgeous and I really would love to try this.  If not this weekend then on my actual
Easter weekend in May.  I'm on my way home to Boston right now to spend time 
with my family.  I'm pretty excited about it but it's bittersweet.  It's the first real 
holiday without my Grandma and my Uncle Pete.  They'll be there in spirit.

My grandmother kept saying over and over right before she died "Don't forget about Easter! 
Make sure to get together for Easter!" I think she was scared that we would all drift apart 
without her or just get caught up in our own lives.  She has nothing to worry about though.
We'll all be together and I'll be wearing her egg necklace around my neck
keeping her close to my heart always.

Can't wait to get off this train and go for a long walk with my mom
and then grab a nice dinner and have a taaaall glass of wine.  Cheers!


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