Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Daisy Daisy

Tis the season to get hitched!
I am 27 years old which means every week I get either an engagement 
text or pregnancy text or a "can you help me with my wedding?" text.
Luckily I have a group of the most talented and creative friends.
Having their level of creativity means they throw some of the most kick ass 
parties I've ever experienced.  They put Pinterest to shame! 

{Fact: my girls are the most driven, skilled and attractive females..}

 The latest of these celebrations was my sorority sister Tiffany's wedding!  
I was lucky enough to be able to paint the entry piece that was 
signed by each of her and her husband's guests.

Daisy Daisy was a song that Tiff's grandfather use to sing to her when 
she was younger..  it's an old school song for an old school kind of love!
Just perfect.

I took literally 600 photos at this wedding so you bet your butt 
I will be doing a post on that VERY soon.  

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