Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lazy yet productive Sunday

Last night.... I went to, hands down, the best concert of my life.
On a whim I got to see Boys 2 Men, 98˚ and New Kids on the Block.
The last time I saw NKOTB was my very first concert about... 22ish years ago.
Sadah got us 3rd row floor seats annnd I locked eyes with Jordan Knight 
more times than I would like to admit.   Seriously.  It was such a good time.

Today was a cleaning day... and a rearranging day because I got my little Russian 
dolls back from Baked in Brooklyn!  I'm so happy with them! I designed each 
doll to encompass a different aspect of me.. like a multiple personality disorder
doll collection.  Also, my wild flowers are growing!  Big day people.  Big day.

Now I'm just relaxing munching on some tomato, mozzarella 
and basil (thanks to my new basil plant) and watching new episodes of 
Arrested Development.  Life is good.  Happy Sunday!

{for photos from last night check out @paperdoll_ta on Instagram}

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