Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Midsummer Celebration Prep

I have quite a few Midsummer celebrations coming my way
and I am SO excited.  I mean it's my most perfect holiday.
You get to wear floral crowns, drink champagne and be a little gypsy 
hippie and run around in a field all day celebrating warm weather.
Can you think of anything better?  I mean seriously.

My first event will be this Friday! 
I will be making some fresh cut head wreaths for Teddy and I.
Now all I need is the perfect flowy dress that shows
just the right amount of tasteful side boob. 

To celebrate Midsummer in style go to
This website sells dried floral halos for cheap (and they're gorgeous).
(You better believe I know my floral head peace market well)
They have really beautiful pieces for your head, home or wedding!


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