Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sadah-Day Brunch

Would have been cool if the brunch was today
but it wasn't.. it was on Thursday.  Sadah and I had our gift
exchange while we ate some Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean 
treats with our moms!  The spread was beautiful.  Sadah definitely
takes after her mom with her hostessing skills.  As soon as I get
Sadah's recipe for kadaif I will post it for you all to try.
It was delish.

Of course I got the best gift from her.  A leather
sketch book with the goddess symbol embossed on the cover,
a beautiful large crocheted dream catcher,
an Amazonite stone for creativity and personal expression
and... best gift ever... a 2014 Olive calendar!!
So thoughtful.  I love everything!

For her I gave an authentic dream catcher, some
 tiny sketches of her favorite things in tiny vintage frames
 and a vintage bronze curtain ring that can be worn as a bracelet!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!



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