Sunday, March 30, 2014

S U N D A Y S : love in the new moon

As a hobby.. and sometimes to make huge life decisions..
I read tarot cards.  The tarot deck I love and know so well is 
The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.  The 
book and teachings are very easy to follow but really, it was the 
illustrations that really reeled me in.  I am someone who proudly 
judges a book by its cover and to be honest, it has worked in my 
favor.  It is part of my job to buy books that will never be read
and will only serve as a visual prop.  So don't judge. 

The card illustrations are so beautiful that I have played
with the idea of buying another deck so that I can frame some of
the cards.  If you are into tarot I highly recommend this set.

Last night I did a Three Level Spread for myself.
The Three Level Spread offers knowledge of your past, present 
and future as well as your mind, body and spirit.  As many people
do I asked a question involving love.  My present was the 
Ace of Hearts which, by definition, is Love.  

The book tells of each card in three parts.
It tells of The Dream, The Awakening and The Enchantment.
The Dream is basically the story and concept behind the card.  
The awakening is the actual straight-to-the-point meaning of the card 
and the enchantment is basically a little ritual you can practice to 
enhance your reading.  They say... if you preform "The Enchantment"
of the card you see as the most appropriate, then it helps to "reinforce 
your awareness of, and belief in, the unseen forces that surround you."  
Now I know this sounds like a bunch of witch craft cult shit
 but all they really are, are just little forms of meditation. 

I thought the one for the Ace of Hearts was particularly nice, 
especially for a Sunday night.  It also involves the new moon, which 
incidentally, is tonight!  

Ok it's either this.. or I sign up for OkCupid... or do both!

If you think this is ridiculous or just plain silly it's totally fine.  
However, it is important to enter a new moon phase with an open heart 
and an open mind. Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week.  


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