Sunday, April 6, 2014

S U N D A Y S : adorn your plants

Everywhere I've lived the first thing I do is make 
my own little gypsy cave.  My Brooklyn bedroom was the first place 
that I actually took my time developing.  My room now is my favorite
place to be.  Over the past few months I've added color and life through
floral, fabric and p l a n t s !  The addition of plants, whether real or fake,
is what really sets my room apart from any other place I've lived.  The 
amount of natural light I get definitely plays a huge factor as well.

Plants can really transform a space from feeling flat and
 dismal to a space with dimension, character and life (quite literally)!

Today I decided to elevate my flower child haven even more by implementing
stones and other forms of nature to my plant babies for their own little makeover.
I have added special stones, shells and gold flecks to each pot and plant arrangement.
I have to say I l o v e the final product!  I'm a big believer in the power of stones, so 
I figured why not mix the elements, both plants and stones, and have them live in my 
most serene space.  Now everything in here has it's own special jewel or flower crown.

My favorite is the lapis lazuli.  I read that I am suppose to alway have a piece of 
lapis touching my skin.  Knowing this I took my lapis stone and adorned my favorite 
plant that from time to time I use on my skin.  Now Al has his own piece of jewelry.

It's really making me smile on this beautiful S U N D A Y .


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