Sunday, February 20, 2011

..and with a little hint of spring, dinner is served!

So the dinner and the table spread came out just wonderful. I thought that it was a little girly but my boyfriend seemed to love it!  I'm so sick of this cold weather so I wanted to pretend it was spring.. hence the garden set up.

The dinner turned out amazing! Thank you Trader Joe's Cook Book! It was a liiiiiittle heavy on the salt.. not that it tasted too salty, but I've already downed about three full glasses of water (not counting the one I had during dinner).  But if you need a quick really tasty meal, the Brown Butter Cod literally took 4 minutes to cook, plus another minute to throw together the sauce.. so 5 minutes all together. So good. Ok I'm full and tired and ready to pass out. 
Night <3

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